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Show4me - Music Interaction Network for the music industry and music lovers. It simplifies and upgrades music industry processes, unites and optimizes all necessary elements for conducting a successful and risk-free music business.
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Artist clubs
Artist clubs unite fans and their favorite artists and offer unprecedented
interaction experience
For Fan

Be the first to get the latest news and updates from the artists you like.

Participate in event crowdfunding campaigns and get tickets to the shows, intimate concerts and private events organized by the particular band or artist.

Pre-order new albums, EPs, and singles by participating in album crowdfunding campaigns.

Buy released albums of different artists.

For Pro

Create Artist clubs for free without any subscription fees. Add some information about yourself and your art.

Grow fan engagement and directly interact with your fan base.

Launch concert crowdfunding campaigns on behalf of your club to organize shows, intimate concerts and private events with no risk.

Pre-sell your upcoming albums, EP, singles directly to your fans using crowdfunding campaigns.

Create your discography and sell your released music directly to people who like it.

Show4me is a completely new way of direct interaction between fans and artists. Deep engagement and real emotions for everyone.
For Fan

Incredible interaction experience for true fans.

A completely new way of discovering new music. Now you get new music from posts on your INteraction feed. So that you know what your friends are listening to.

Listen and download free and purchased music. Share it on your profile for your friends and followers to discover new music.

Get the latest news, photos and videos from your favorite artists.

Participate in crowdfunding campaigns together with your friends, pledge your support to the artists you like and bring them to your hometown.

For Pro

Make your Artist club an official interaction channel with your fans and followers.

A completely new approach of sharing music with your fans. Fans will see your albums and tracks in their Interaction Feeds .

Directly interact with your fans using your Artist club.

For Fan
Participate in various crowdfunding campaigns to get tickets and new music cheaper. Be directly involved in live events and latest music releases. Be the first one to get the latest music, with a special pre-order discount and without intermediaries.
Concert crowdfunding

Concert crowdfunding is a great opportunity to get cheaper tickets to live music events near you. You are directly involved in the creation of events by pledging your support towards artists you like. Just pick the events you’d like to attend. Pledge for tickets at significantly discounted early bird rate to make the show happen in your hometown

Once the campaign has enough pledges and the confirmation point is reached, the event gets confirmed and the organizer sets the date. You will receive your digital tickets by email. In case the confirmation goal hasn’t been reached within the campaign’s funding period, you are automatically fully refunded.

Album pre-order

Music is a massive part of our life. Show4me is a network powered by the people for the people, so let's make the rocking world go round.

Here is how it works. Pick the album crowdfunding campaigns you`d like to participate in and pre-order. By pre-ordering upcoming albums you receive significant discounts and directly contribute towards the creation of awesome new music. And once the albums are released they automatically appear in your account’s music library. Now, you can listen and download the music you have created together with your favorite artists. In case the confirmation goal hasn’t reached within the campaign’s funding period, you are automatically fully refunded.

For Pro
Our platform provides new innovative ways and technologies to connect fans and music professionals and allows easy interactions between the two.
Concert crowdfunding

Organizing concerts and tours is a big challenge for every artist or concert promoter. Concert crowdfunding provides a perfect solution, which undoubtedly changes the rules of the game. Besides, it is as simple as ABC.

Prepare and launch event or tour campaigns, inform and invite fans to pledge for tickets in order to confirm your event. When there are enough pledges to cover your production costs for the event, you can set the date and time of the event. Until then, the date stays open for alterations. After the campaign is done, hold your event completely risk free. If the campaign doesn’t reach its funding goal within the campaign's period, all pledgers will be fully refunded.

No risks
of bad ticket

True market
research proved
by real cash

No empty seats
at your concert

No investments

Automatic delivery
of your tickets
to the pledgers

Most of the artists face a number of challenges when producing and releasing their albums. These include: finding funds for album production, promotion, distribution, and long-term sales. Show4me eliminates these challenges and makes for a convenient and efficient experience for musicians and music industry players.

Plan and launch your album campaign. Inform your fans about the campaign’s start, album release date and the funding goal needed for the album production. Pledgers pre-order the album which fully covers album production costs. That is a crucial point for emerging artists and the best way of releasing an album for well-known musicians. Once the album is released and uploaded to the platform, all the pledgers automatically receive it in their music libraries. If the campaign doesn’t reach its funding goal within the campaign’s period, all pledgers will be fully refunded.

Production costs

No investments

Increased album

True market
research proved
by real cash

Automatic album
distribution after