Want something to read on those long December nights? We’ve compiled a list of the most useful music publications available online for you to stay up to date with the latest music releases, find out industry news and trends, as well as dive into the world of music by checking out their exciting interviews, features, and reviews!

P.S. We’ve included a few non-trivial ones, like First Floor and Music Journalism Insider ran by independent music journalists, to help you expand your perspective and introduce to the less conventional ways of music industry reporting and analysis.

2 Dope Boyz

For over a decade, 2DPBZ has been covering rap news, presenting the latest music releases, producing thoughtful features on various industry topics, treating the readers to exciting show reviews and dope weekly playlists compiled of the editorial team’s favorite tracks.

To go to the site, click here.


Founded by Ric Leichtung in 2012, the web-based blog and a printed quarterly zine are dedicated to bona fide coverage of the underground music scene both in the US and abroad. The Brooklyn-based publication features unalloyed interviews with musicians, show photo reports, music video premieres, playlists made by featured artists for AdHoc exclusively, and much more.

Check them out here.

Dancing Astronaut

Dancing Astronaut is covering dance and electronic music. Interviews, industry news, new music, music video premieres, album and festival reviews, regular dance beat playlists curated by the publication’s editor Robyn Dexter, and much more.

Explore the publication here.


Launched in 2003 as a print magazine, FACT moved on to become a digital publication with staff in the UK, the US, and Europe. They cover developments in the underground music industry, share videos, and curated playlists, and provide in-depth coverage of state-of-the-art music technology.

Read their pieces here.

First Floor

A weekly newsletter from music reporter Shawn Reynaldo. If you are craving long-form music industry analysis, thoughtful journeys into the topics of trends in the types of songs being recorded, the role of digital in music promotion and consumption, of-the-moment analysis of what everyone is talking about in music, and more.

Explore all the content here.


LA-based music publication, both in print and online, FLOOD strives to bring overlooked culture and entertainment to the forefront. The publication aspires to select and highlight “the best and most intriguing players in pop culture”. We’ve been loving their decade-end summaries and overviews they shared to mark the end of the 2010s.

Read the magazine here.


Louder focuses on covering the latest news in the world of rock’n’roll, alt. rock, indie, alternative, hard rock, heavy metal, prog, and blues. The publication prioritizes editorial independence and brings the readers original quotes and exclusive access to exciting news from the world of rock music.

Check out opinions and stories that matter here.

Music Journalism Insider

Founded by Todd L. Burns, Music Journalism Insider is providing a behind-the-scenes look at music journalism. The newsletter highlights industry news and features interviews with writers, scholars, and editors about what music journalism is, and where it happens.

Dig into the well of information here.


Launched in 2008, Noiseporn is based in Tampa, FL, with writers scattered across the States. The publication is dedicated to showcasing underground dance music, sharing industry news, technology, and more. Noiseporn loves to treat their readers to exclusives and has a whole section dedicated to them – interviews, breaking news, event recaps, and new music.

Check it out here.

She Bops

The award-winning blog focuses on the underrepresented female-identifying musicians on the pop scene across the globe. The publication shares news, interviews, premieres, and show reviews.

Read the blog here.

Final thoughts

As we were preparing this overview, we’ve redone the list at least three times to make sure our pick featured the publications really worth your time, although there are so many more music publications we love and read on the daily.

Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed the one you love most, what would you recommend to all aspiring, emerging and established musicians to read as their music industry news source and what’s your overall opinion on staying up to date with the industry news – worth it or not?


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