Naming is its own industry for a reason. The title of a product, service, or project is one of the first things the audience encounters and it can and does have a considerable impact on the success of the endeavour.

To make your online concert that much more enticing, consider putting in a little more time into thinking up your show title. In this post, we will share the most useful actionable tips on creating a fun and engaging event title for your online livestream gig, concert, or show.

1. Tell it like it is

The Heart and the Void online concert

The easiest and often most efficient way to title your event is to go with something descriptive, like the name of a single you are promoting or premiering, something with the name of your venue (e.g. A concert at X Venue) or an instrument you’ll be playing (e.g. My Songs on My New Guitar).

As long as your title is not too overly general, vague or overused, people love descriptive titles telling something about the event that might seem obvious to you but will be very helpful for your audience to know at a glance just what exactly they can expect.

2. Keep it short

Your title will have to go on your event posters, be featured in your Stories and social media posts and a title that takes up a whole line just doesn’t look good. Stick to a maximum of five to seven words and less than 50 characters.

3. Consider wordplay

Dalton Gamao online concert

If you want to add a little fun into your show title, try adding a pun or using wordplay. Make sure it’s consistent with your brand voice and you are good to go!

4. Alternative spelling

While overdoing all caps, numbers, special symbols, or otherwise unconventional spelling choices can make it hard for your audience to actually read the title, alternative spelling is an excellent way to spice up a short or too obvious title.

Leleia Glitter online concert

5. Spotlight your main attraction

If you are playing a show at a picturesque venue, if you are featuring a unique musical instrument in your show or there’s something else unusual, rare, or exciting, consider adding that to your title to peak your fans’ interest. This is the time when something like A Night by the Eiffel Tower is likely to draw more attention than a sophisticated nondescript title.

6. Include ‘online’ or ‘livestream’

If your show title is the same as the name of your album or single, add ‘online’ or ‘livestream’ to create some differentiation and indicate that this is an online concert your fans can watch.

You can also use this approach if the title of your show is one word, especially if it’s alternative spelling or otherwise unusual. Adding your show format right in the name will help people categorize it right away.

7. Name after an unreleased track

Genene online show

Take pointers from the legends and name your show after a previously unreleased song. Led Zeppelin named their album Houses of the Holy (1973) after a song that was only released in their subsequent album Physical Graffiti (1975).

Don’t announce your track ahead of time and keep your fans guessing, then floor them with a surprise track premiere during the show!

8. Follow your theme

Lynda Starr online show

If you are putting together a show that has a distinct theme, reflecting that in your title is a must. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and winter holiday season are all just around the corner, so if you are planning a show or a few to celebrate an occasion or to highlight a theme, make sure to let your fans know what the event is all about right in the title!

9. Use a name generator

This might sound silly and childish, but with the plethora of automated name generators available online, you have to try one. It might not give you the exact show name that you end up using (although it might), but you are sure to walk away with a bunch of new and unexpected ideas for your event.

We’ve tried one of them and it generated a pretty cool festival name on our first try – Dangerous Obstacles Assembly.

10. Google it

As your final step, do a search for your desired show title to make sure something very similar is not happening at the same time with the same title.

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