In our post last week, we’ve shown you how to turn your concert crowdfunding campaign description into the best version of itself and help convince the visitors of your page to preorder tickets to your event. This week, we will address the second most important component of launching a concert crowdfunding campaign – its promotion.

No matter how great your upcoming show is, no matter how eloquent and colorful your show description is, if nobody gets to your concert crowdfunding campaign page, there will be nobody to impress and convince to get their tickets. Here are the top promotion strategies we recommend using to bring your crowdfunding campaign to success.

Identify the most interesting aspects of your show that will appeal to your target audience.


If you have a social media following, turn the crowdfunding process into a game. Plan your post strategy and images in advance and create games, quests, contests, giveaways, and live streams to broadcast just how important the upcoming show is for you and how much fun is there to be had for everyone in attendance. If you are selling tickets with merch or other perks included (meet-and-greets, photo ops, lessons, etc.), you can weave them into the process and make it even more exciting!

One message at a time

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Your campaign should be front and center on all of your online platforms. Produce show-specific content and post only that. Don’t mix your concert crowdfunding campaign with other messages – time your album or single or music video releases or other news so that they don’t coincide with your concert crowdfunding campaign promotional period and don’t dilute your efforts.

Strong local focus

Since your show will take place at a specific location, it helps to narrow your efforts to exactly that area. There are four key ways to do that:

  • geotagging

Add geolocation to all posts and Story updates you make announcing and promoting your show. Use exact venue location and generalized city/town location interchangeably to reach all audiences in your area.

  • local hashtags

Using location hashtags like #nyclive, #nyclivemusic for shows in larger cities or just names of the town or city, if hashtags with music do have more than a few thousands posts. For example, for a show in Marseilles we’d recommend using simply #marseilles or #marseille.

  • flyers

Create flyers for your event and hand them out to the people in places where your potential audience hangs out (know your audience!). To reach local music lovers, you can arrange with your hosting venue to leave your flyers there a few weeks before the event to reach more people.

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  • posters

Put up physical posters in the area with a QR code linking to your concert crowdfunding campaign. Just like with the flyers, place your posters in areas where your target audience hangs out (don’t forget your local music shops). Make sure you have permission to place your posters or put them up in designated places.

Personal approach

When your fans, supporters and local music lovers know your story and can feel that the upcoming show is personal and important to you, they have an easier time getting emotionally involved and are more likely to sign up for it.

Make a personal video, calling your fans and supporters to preorder the tickets, host live streams to promote your show. Go to a weekly yoga class? Hand out your show flyers to everybody and personally invite them to check out your show. Make sure the flyer design is skilled enough to elevate the profile of your show.

Other tools for personally reaching out to people who might want to support you is DMs on social media, personal emails, phone calls, and messaging. By the way, if you create a Facebook event, everyone on your invitee list gets a notification, so that can be another tool in your event promotion toolkit.

Event ambassadors

There are several groups of your event ambassadors that you should leverage to increase your promo campaign reach:

  • friends-family,
  • fans,
  • your venue,
  • your supporting acts,
  • influencers,
  • partner media.

Converting the fans into ambassadors of your campaign will magnify your promotional efforts, so remember to involve your fan club in the campaign promotional activities. Not only will they preorder tickets to your show, they will help promote the show both online and offline, reshare your promotional content and invite others to do that as well.

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Is your friend an influencer? Ask them to make a promo post about your event or give you some sort of a shoutout to help spread the info about your show as well as give it more credibility and hike up the FOMO (especially if the influencer is also attending). You can also gift or donate your tickets to people or entities to draw attention to your show if they agree to share their plans to go.

Are there any supporting acts or co-performers in your show? Involve them in the show promotion as much as possible. Your show venue can also help out by sharing the info about your show with their visitors, on their website and social media. Make sure you tag them in your posts and Stories about the event, which they can reshare.

Email campaigns

Don’t just focus your fan-targeted promo campaign on social media only. Remember to send emails to your fans as well. Emails are more personal and thus more effective in getting you the coveted ticket preorders – while only 12% of Facebook shares result in a contribution to a crowdfunding campaign, more than half of email shares convert to crowdfunding campaign contribution, according to

Artist club activity

Your fans will feel more encouraged to keep promoting your show if they can see that you make updates to your campaign and are overall active on the platform – post updates, teasers, sneak peeks of costumes or props. Create an interactive playlist, i.e. poll your fans to decide which songs to include in your playlist.

Media coverage

Playing an exciting event is a great excuse to reach out to new audiences and acquire new fans. Reach out to local media, online groups and forums, concert announcement aggregator websites/gig listings with information about your upcoming show and the crowdfunding campaign.

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Try to become a TV, radio show or a podcast guest to promote your event. Just like with social media, you can have a ticket giveaway or a quest during a live radio show or TV broadcast.

Use your own platform

If you are playing a support gig, announce your upcoming concert there – use all platforms available to you, including not just yours personally, but everyone you can ask to give your show a shoutout, like your fellow performers, venue managers, friends and family, influencers, fans.

Guerilla marketing

Usual ways to market your show can be a hit or miss, but as long as you make it fun and in compliance with local legislation, you can at the very least make a good impression. One way to draw attention to your upcoming show is busking as someone on your team gives out flyers about your concert crowdfunding campaign.

You can also do an art performance or an installation, alone or in collaboration with fellow artists and performers.

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Final thoughts

As you try out the show crowdfunding campaign strategies outlined above, remember to tailor the effort to your specific audience. Only promote where your target audience actually is – study them and understand really well who they are and what they do in their free time, where they hang out and can see your posters and online ads, know exactly you can reach them and when and what type of content will draw their attention.

Be patient, as many of your future show attendees will have to see an ad for your show more than once before they make a purchasing decision.

To learn how to best prepare your concert crowdfunding campaign, read our last week's post!

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