If your band creates great music, you naturally want to share it with a whole world and to receive an emotional response from your fans.

Getting a gig is the best decision in this case, as your live performance is a way to show your true identity to an audience and receive their positive feedback. There are three ways to get gigs for your band, and each one deserves your attention, as it suggests an idea how to raise a needed amount of money to book a venue, purchase equipment, assure the security of visitors and provide them with minimum comfort. 

Loans, Sponsors, Philanthropists

Naturally, the majority of emerging musicians do not have money at all, but their strong desire to get a gig forces them to find some kind of way to do it. Usually, they start looking for someone who believes in them and their music and is willing to invest. Loans from the bank are also in this investment category. This way is the most time-saving since all you have to do is to go to the bank and take a loan. There is a dark side of this plan though... that money you’ve borrowed must be returned! If a gig was not successful or something went wrong, that talented artist is forced to work to repay those debts and forget about the music career. If you attract sponsors, you have a real chance to perform, although there are always specific terms involved that might not be compatible with a conceptual idea of your show. But to be honest, sponsors are rarely interested in it. 

No harm in trying!

The other way to get a gig is to take your own savings in case you are ready to take a risk of course. Neither banks nor sponsors needed, but the risks of just wasting it all for nothing are still present. There are many factors that emerging musicians might miss while dealing with organizational issues for the first time. Moreover, it is hard to promote anything when you are not aware of how to do it.


The less risky option is 'fan-funding' or crowdfunding. This is when fans that interact actively with musicians prove their desire to visit the artist's concerts with their own money. On Show4me, artists can use concert crowdfunding to set up concerts and gigs, and invite fans to pledge to make them happen instead of investing their own money in gig organization. They start to put their concert together only after a minimum sum needed for a gig is raised. If a confirmation point has not been reached, all pledges are refunded to fans. So it is a zero-loss opportunity for artists to get their gigs off the ground! Another great advantage is direct-to-fan interaction function, which helps you stay in touch with your admirers, know their preferences and grow your fan base.


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