Distributing your music to as many platforms as possible most often is the winning strategy as fans get more chances to stumble upon your tracks and buy them. This means extra profit off your music directly into your pocket.

And in case you haven’t uploaded your music to your Show4me Artist club yet or – worse – don’t even have your Artist club up on Shwo4me yet, today is the best day to leverage this tool!

Here are our top seven reasons to sell your music on Show4me:

Built-in tipping

When a fan is buying your single, EP, or album in your Show4me Artist club, they can pay either the price you set or higher.

You get 90%

Show4me fee for music sales is 6%. With 2.5% + 0.25 USD/GBP/EUR standard transaction fee from the payment processor, that amounts to about 90% share of the money coming in being transferred to you.

A chance to get Discover page feature

Show4me.com/discover is the place to be if you want more eyeballs on your profile, ears to your music, and hearts to your online show:

Our editors check all Artist clubs and new album uploads to find the best gems and include them into our Discover page lineup. While the ultimate decision to feature an album, single, or Artist club on the page is with the editorial team, you don’t get the chance to be featured unless you actually upload your music to your Artist club for fans to preview and buy.

More premium Artist club members

There are two types of Artist club memberships your fans can get on Show4me – a free subscription and a premium one. The latter only costs $1 a year but allows fans to listen to your music without additional payments. This way, fans can preview your music for just $1 before buying the full-price album.

Without any music in your Artist club, there’s less reason for your fans to get the $1 premium Artist club membership, and that’s lost income for you.

To support your concert

Show4me ticketing feature is very popular, especially with the built-in streaming for online shows. If you are planning to launch (or have launched) a concert campaign on Show4me, you need to add music to your Artist club for two reasons – 1) people who are not familiar with your music who came to your concert page accidentally will want to listen to your music before they decide if they want to buy a show ticket, 2) you will be marketing your live stream concert anyway, so why not take advantage of the traffic and make additional money on the music as well?

By the way, even your existing fans will be more likely swayed by your music to go to your online or offline event, so having it in your Artist club really is important.

For music crowdfunding

Recording an album, EP, or even a single can get expensive. Even if you have created a decent setup to record at home, there’s always that one thing you could buy to make your sound even more awesome.

To fund recording and releasing new music, you can start a music crowdfunding campaign on Show4me. But for fans and supporters to really be inspired to contribute and pre-order your upcoming music, it would make sense to upload your existing tracks to your Artist club to showcase your talent and support your claim to release something amazing.

Expanding your streams of income

It’s always best to have as many streams of income from your work, art, and business as possible. Offering your music to your supporters on one more platform is going to strengthen your financial standing as an artist and help complete your professional portfolio on Show4me.

With your fanbase, shows, and released records all in one Artist club, it’s easier for industry pros to find you and make the decision to connect and collab on a project or invite you to play an event and even sign to their label.

How to add your music on Show4me

And finally, let’s tackle the topic of actually adding your music tracks to your Show4me Artist club to enable fans to listen to them and buy them!

First, make sure your Artist club is published. Then, go to the Discography tab in your Artist club:

Click on the Add Music album button.

Add the name of your record, fill out the genre, description, and the price, add a cover in the Album info tab, and go to the Upload tracks tab and upload your music.

Make sure your track format complies with the technical requirements: .mp3, .aac, .m4a, .ogg min 192 kbps, recommended 320 kbps, max file size 200 Mb.

After you are all done, click Submit and your music is ready to be heard, seen, and purchased!

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