Making sure you are keeping track of all your streams of income that come from your music is crucial to building your music career and business. Our Friday livestream guest Dutch Van Spall emphasized the importance of this and in the present post we will look at all the ways you can monetize your music on Show4me.

1. Music

The first way you can monetize your music on Show4me is through direct music sales. Add your music albums, EPs, singles to your Artist club Discography, set the price, and now fans can buy them.

DJ Moo music album

2. Artist club memberships

Your fans can also subscribe to your Artist club. The subscription options are a free subscription or a premium subscription that costs $1/year. Premium subscription gets the fan access to listening to all of the music you’ve uploaded to your Discography along with the functionality to DM you.

3. Online concerts

Your online music performances don’t have to be just free livestreams on social media. Put together a real concert, ticket and stream it on Show4me. To increase your profit, you can add bundled tickets that include not just the show admission but also a music tutoring session or a song dedication or a music lesson, merch items, etc.

MyFingers_Sing online concert

4. Offline and hybrid concerts

You can also sell tickets to your offline and hybrid* shows on Show4me. Just select the show option when creating a campaign and offer tickets to your live event. All tickets will be generated automatically and you’ll get a ticket scanner app to help you check in the guests in a contactless way.

*Hybrid shows are events with part of the audience present in person, while the rest watches remotely.

5. Merch

You can up your profits from your music by offering fans merch as part of your concert ticket bundle. Show4me allows up to 20 ticket types to be offered for any concert campaign, so you can include more expensive tickets that include merch, like T-shirts, hats, bags, hoodies, mugs, etc.

Sis Jones bundled concert ticket

6. Music lessons

As stated above, bundled show tickets can be concert admission with a number of options added to that, including music lessons. A large chunk of musicians also works as music teachers and tutors, so including a lesson option to your concert ticket collection is a great way to convert some of your more casual fans into potential students, as someone might be inspired to try to learn music with the help of their favorite creator.

7. Tips

Show4me offers a built-in tipping option for fans who want to support their favorite musicians and bands while buying their albums, EPs, and singles. When fans are buying your music album in Artist club Discography, they can type in a price that’s higher than what you are asking for the album. This way, fans who want and can support you, have the chance to tip you and support your art while buying your music!

8. Crowdfunding (or fan-funding)

Creating music costs money, putting together a show costs money. Your fans can help you pay for music recording and setting up a big budget concert through the mechanism of ticket and album pre-order. Fan chip in with their contributions and once the minimum budget of your project is met, it gets confirmed.

If the minimum budget is not met within the project timeline, all fans get a refund. It’s a no risk format for all parties.

Final thoughts

Exploring all your options when it comes to music monetization is key to becoming a successful musician – the more reliable streams of income from your various music endeavours you have, the more likely you are to become a full-time musician and be able to make a living off your art. Here at Show4me we try to provide a variety of music monetization tools to help make the path smoother, so keep the above tools in mind when you are managing your Artist club on Show4me.

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