To help musicians, bands, and their teams fortify their music income in this trying time, we’ve given up Show4me fees. The no-fee period of 2 months started on April 2, 2020. Now musicians get full fan contributions when it comes to music sales, ticket sales, crowdfunding campaigns, as well as Artist club $1 memberships.

Fees on Show4me are success-based. Musicians and bands don’t have to pay anything to use full Show4me functionality, the fees only apply to profits they make using the tools on the platform.

Musicians and bands can run their music-based business on Show4me through their Artist clubs where fans can subscribe for free or for $1/year. Premium fan subscribers get access to unlimited music listening from the artist they’ve subscribed to. Musicians don’t have to pay for the creation or maintenance of their Artist club, fees only apply to profits they make in the Artist club via music sales, ticket sales, premium membership sales.

Right now, we’ve given up these fees so when withdrawing their profits made during these two months, musicians will receive both their income and Show4me fees. This way, fan contributions will go directly to the artists.

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