Have you heard about the famous Chinese philosophy Yin and Yang?


It is believed that life is dual in nature and emphasizes the importance of balancing two opposites but complementary forces like darkness and light, sun and moon, male and female, work and rest… You well know that the last one - is the hardest to get right… Especially if you are a professional musician!

The creative lifestyle of a common musician is hard to even call a “balanced life” because it requires a great deal of dedication, hard work, enormous sacrifices, innumerable hours of practice, live performances and traveling. But keep in mind that without the proper life balance, the well of creativity can dry up and with it - a promising career in music.

Over the years, there are too many cases of losing high profile celebrities to suicide or overdose. And so many musicians struggle with depression, mental diseases, and other serious health issues. When “music is life”, the reality is tough and what comprises balance or how to achieve it is unfortunately quite subjective and individual. If there were a magic formula, then perhaps everyone would be using it… but there is none!

That’s why you, being a musician, have to find your own kind of BALANCE: the right pace for your creative lifestyle and effective instruments that can help you to easily manage your music career still having the time to relax and reflect.

But never stop at just figuring out that formula, be wise enough to keep up with it!

In the case of the typical employee or career in business, you can go home after work and relax with family, friends or even alone without a significant change in your emotional state leaving everything related to your job at the office. Luckily, stress stays there as well. With an artist, music is not just a job - it is a 24/7 lifestyle complemented with the life on the road and a massive surge in adrenaline when on stage not accounting for drug or alcohol use.


The day-to-day grind of being on stage is the new normal, but when the tour ends, it abruptly stops, and there's no new crazy days or schedules. Just an end. It can be shocking to suddenly experience this change. We asked a friend of ours - Paul Phillips, former guitarist for Puddle of Mudd, Rev Theory and currently making time with his newest project No Tears Just Blood - to give us some insight on this:

“Touring is a crazy thing. It is the ultimate dichotomy for a musician. You get to do what you love for a living. All these fans are singing your songs. However, when the lights go down and the crowd is gone, you’re all alone and you miss home. You can’t wait to have time off to see family, friends and so on. Then when you do get time off, it’s great for a bit, but you soon realize that it isn’t your life anymore. The road is all you know, so then you can’t wait to go back out and fill that void that music provides.”

This is where the trouble lies for so many artists. In an effort to make up for these feelings, and the creativity that is constantly keeping your mind on edge, they turn to alcohol or drugs, perhaps even a combination of the two. Why? In an attempt to recapture a small portion of the crazy feelings of being on stage and dealing with the chaos in your head. And unfortunately with the change in the way music is consumed and how little artists get paid, only adds up more stress, work, and anxiety. This is where the balance is a MUST HAVE!


While many new up-and-comers spend time obsessing over writing piles of material, practically living in a studio or touring day after day, the most successful musicians realize that good material and positive energy comes from knowing when to step back and experience life. Without this, what would they write about? They spend time to learn how to wisely manage their music careers using all the digital instruments available on the web like Show4me music interaction network and others that make the daily life of a music professional so much easier.


If you are still searching for your own formula to find that balance between being a topnotch musician running profitable music business and still having time to rest and enjoy life and experience it in fullness, try Show4me. Show4me provides musicians with a step-by-step action plan on how to run music business and gives access to sufficient income streams from music monetization tools united on a single network. Also, the unique deep interaction with your true fans that doesn't have to stop after your music tour or any live music event.


Finding your own ‘Yin and Yang’ balance is an attainable task, especially when you let the technologies like Show4me network help you with the action plan to manage your music career and spend all the free time to truly taste every moment and unforgettable experiences that life has to offer. Keep your creativity well always bursting with fresh ideas and great music, your mind at peace and your music career on point.


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