Indian music star Shibani Kashyap is playing an online concert on Show4me on July 26, 2020. Shibani brings a taste of her best Bollywood tracks to global audiences in an online concert with a variety of tickets for fans to choose the right ones for their preference. The live streamed event will start at 7:15 PM IST.

Tickets range from $1 to $20 and there and only 90 available, so hurry to get yours!

Shibani Kashyap is an Indian singer, known for her work with the Bollywood film industry, including The Film Love.Com... The Ultimate Killing Site (2010), Ranviir the Marshal (2015), and Zinda (2006). Shibani is a singer and composer who specializes in western and Indian classical music. Her music was featured on numerous film soundtracks. The musician also served as a judge on the reality show Bathroom Singer on Sahara Filmy channel.

Shibani is one of the first widely recognized female songwriters in India who had to fight for the recognition of her credits as a composer for the songs that she created and performed (as opposed to being credited as just the singer or performer). In 2013, Shibani created the anthem I Am A Woman, I Am A Girl to empower women, as she shared in her interview with eShe.

Kashyap rose to fame by being the singer behind the signature tune of the AIR FM channel of All India Radio and Amul India. Her successful debut album Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat (1998) won the Channel V award and helped establish Shibani in the industry. In 2005, Shibani won the Best Female Pop Singer award for the album Nazakat at the Sangeet Awards held in San Francisco. In 2018, Shibani represented India in the world's largest India Day parade in New York.

Check out Shibani's houseparty on Show4me on July 26 here!

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