Pop, rap, progressive psychetrance, fusion, world, and Bollywood. Browse all the online concerts happening on Show4me this weekend and pick the ones you just can’t miss!

Friday through Sunday, we’ve got you covered.

July 24


Drag queer performatic singer/songwriter LELEIA.GLITTER from Portugal presents queer karaoke and lip sync of all-time classics.

Starts: 8 PM GMT+1. Tickets: €1 and up

Check out LELEIA.GLITTER’s Artist club here.


Indian DJ Mr.DOLLAR plays a two-hour live stream set of progressive and hi-tech psytrance music, underground style.

Starts: 5 PM IST. Tickets: $1 and up

Check out Mr.DOLLAR’s Artist club here.

July 25

Q-Z Records Opening Concert

Alternative rap and hip-hop show by Q-Z RECORDS live from Mexico City. Featuring exclusive single preview and music business advice.

Starts: 6:30 PM MXT. Tickets: $2 and up

Check out Q-Z RECORDS’ Artist club here.

Quarantine Concert By Sourabh Joshi Official

Indian musician Sourabh Joshi stages a live show playing Bollywood romance music. Unplugged online show with a guitar.

Starts: 7 PM IST. Tickets: $3 and up

Check out Sourabh Joshi’s Artist club here.


Live from Mumbai, maestro Somesh Mathur plays a show of spiritual, Sufi, ghazal, classical folk, devotional, jazz fusion pop rock, and world music.

Starts: 7:15 PM IST. Tickets: $1 and up

Check out Somesh Mathur’s Artist club here.

- Unlocking Up -

Moroccan DJ Smili broadcasts his electronic music mixes from his bedroom studio. Improvisation included.

Starts: 4 PM GMT+1. Tickets: $4 and up

Check out Smili’s Artist club here.

July 26

Houseparty with Shibani Kashyap

Bollywood music star, singer and songwriter Shibani Kashyap is playing a houseparty show for fans and supporters.

Starts: 7:15 PM IST. Tickets: $1 and up

Check out Shibani Kishyap’s Artist club here.

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