One of the best things you can do for your music career is well-thought-out branding. Think of your favorite music instrument or electronics brand – you are happy to spend money with them because you don’t have to put time and energy into looking where to get the item you need.

Brands build their reputations on being consistent and reliable. Having once bought a product or service and being satisfied by the result, you don’t need to go looking for something else. Even if you’d like to explore something new, you always have the fallback option of your previous successful choice.

The basics

Branding is vital for musicians because the competition is brutal and you need to be instantly memorable. It’s something that helps people recognize you when the music stops playing. If someone came across your music and felt mesmerized, you need to keep them going until they get your full brand experience:

  • your story,
  • your music,
  • your visual style,
  • the genre and subculture your represent,
  • the colors and style you prefer,
  • your news and upcoming shows/music,
  • behind the scenes.

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All of this helps you articulate what it is, exactly, that sets you apart from the rest of the scene you are in. It makes it easier for fans to connect to you and your music, as well as understand it better. This is why we’ve created a single hub for all your music activity for fans to navigate without having to jump from platform to platform.

Focusing your fans’ attention in a single place where they can experience your music helps build your brand faster and more efficiently. You can easily plan a step-by-step branding strategy and roll it out smoothly, without having to deal with the demands of several platforms and continually making sure your style on each is coherent.

Brand building does not stop there.

Next steps

1. Add your albums, singles, and EPs to your Artist club to be sold separately.

2. Set up event ticket presales and sell merch.

3. Crowdfund music albums.

4. Interact with fans directly by announcing your news, polling opinions, discussing the latest news, getting feedback on your music and live shows.

All of this fosters a stronger emotional connection your fans have with you and your art. Not only do they enjoy your music, they become invested in the recognition of your art and more likely to help you promote your music by spreading the good word about it.

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Know your fans

Your brand is nothing if it doesn’t translate well to your audience. To better understand how your fans perceive your brand, you need to have access to quality audience analytics on your Artist club activity.

By having all the data from all of your channels – fan interaction, music sales and listens, ticket and merch sales – consolidated in a single place, you’ll have an easier time establishing your most effective sales strategies. And building a career in the highly competitive field of music, an effective sales strategy can make or break your success or just the ability to make a living off your music.

Showcase your brand

Another use for your Show4me Artist club is to showcase your career. In addition to a quality sample, any promoter, producer or label will want to look at your show portfolio and see how invested your fanbase is before committing to working with you.

An Artist club with all that information readily available and easy to navigate – including your sold-out live shows! – is the perfect portfolio that you can present to any potential sponsor, business partner or booking agent when negotiating a show/performance fee.

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If you look at the top performers in the industry, they have a solid brand and clearly defined audience. They present an unmistakable representation of who their artistic persona is and what the fans can expect from their brand.

Both music consumers and music industry professionals like a reliable brand with a consistent product. And if you already are that, the one thing left is present yourself to the world as such using the right tools!

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