DJIBY has released his latest album ‘very soon, later’ exclusively on Show4me. Canadian performer, lyricist and composer presented his 10-track album via his Show4me Artist club.

Its been two years since DJIBY's record #CRAZY hit the waves and he’s been an artist to follow ever since. 'very soon, later' marks DJIBY’s debut and fits perfectly into the fast-paced world we live in. He manages to touch on different topics such as colorism, loyalty, betrayal and then some. One thing’s for sure, DJIBY is determined to leave his mark in this fast-paced music industry.

‘very soon, later’ features hip-hop and rap songs.

‘very soon, later’ track list



#BLESSINGS (Freestyle)


#EGOMOVES (Feat. Myleene)




#CRAZY (Feat. El3ment)


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