Less than two weeks ago, Canadian musician and singer DJIBY held his very first crowdfunded concert using Show4me crowdfunding toolkit. We invited DJIBY to share his experience crowdfunding and hosting the show with our readers, as well as talk about his music career, fans, and live shows.

DJIBY is a hip-hop and R&B singer and songwriter, currently working in Montreal. He released his 10-track album VERY SOON, LATER exclusively on Show4me this October. The album addresses the topics of colorism, loyalty, and betrayal.

We started our conversation by asking how the event went overall:

It was, for sure, a fun experience. Most importantly, I felt as though I was working, learning and having fun at the same time.

What was it like to have your own concert funded directly by fans? Did you expect such a positive reaction?

I honestly didn’t know what kind of reaction I would get. I just knew that I wanted everything to go smoothly and I really wanted to put on a great set for my fans.

Fortunately enough, not only did my fans enjoy my set, but they also enjoyed AlienEmoji, Maze, Yana, Marty, and PopeSilk’s great performances. I’m glad that I had them at the show.

How was this event different from your usual showcases?

As I mentioned in the previous question, I really wasn’t sure what to expect since this was my first “headlining” show in a proper venue.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous at all, compared to my other showcases, where my only focus was performing well.

On this one, I really wanted everything to go smoothly for the attendees. From the little things like snacks to the coat check (haha), all the way to the performance itself.

What lessons did you learn from the crowdfunding process? What would you do differently if you were starting over?

I would certainly look to delegate more roles in the future so I could take more time to really enjoy my own set and the sets of all the other artists.

Besides that, I’ve learned to prioritize more during the process thanks to my friend Dan who kept calling me every morning at 8 a.m. haha. I am thankful for him and the whole Show4me team in general for helping me make this event successful.

You invited five special guests you listed a few questions ago. Did your audience and theirs mix well?

I got some great feedback from the audience about their respective sets.

They really looked like they enjoyed themselves up there and that’s what matters most. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time we perform together.

Your show was designed to be an intimate event with 50 fans in attendance, what would you say draws fans to these smaller events? Did the format benefit your sound and connection with the audience?

As a music enthusiast firstly, I love intimate concerts as you really get up-close with the artist and get to see them in their real element. I personally prefer them to large concerts, especially when the music means a lot to me.

I think my project VERY SOON, LATER is filled with lyrics that are super relatable but also a lot of lyrics that might come off much less confusing/ambiguous, when seen live. So I would hope the audience left the event understanding me more and wanting to know more about my music.

What advice can you give to someone just working on their intimate concert crowdfunding campaign? What factors can make it more successful, help sell tickets and create a magic atmosphere during the event?

My only advice would be to listen and try to learn from people that have experience in this field. I think it’s a model that could work for many artists and help them cover costs.

Oh and also, if you’re lucky enough to have people who just want to help, use them and bring them in.

Do you plan to host more concerts with the help of crowdfunding?

It’s most certainly an option that I’ll be considering moving forward. I would be stupid not to.

Tell us about the process of finding the venue and coming up with the whole idea of hosting your show at a tattoo studio? Was it more exciting this way? Did your fans appreciate the added touch of edge and rebellion lent by the interior?

I think the audience were certainly pleasantly surprised by how different the venue looked and felt! I’ve gotten to know Saska & David [Velours Tattoo Studio owners where the show took place] around the start of the year and they were more than helpful throughout the days leading up to the event. I couldn’t have asked for better venue owners to work with. I hope they host more events in 2020.

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