We’ve already touched upon the topic of nurturing your fanbase through engagement via online concerts and an intro to building a fanbase, now let’s talk about expanding it. One of the key ways you can do that is broadening the possibilities for potential fans to come across your music.

In this blog post we are covering all the most productive avenues you can take to help music lovers discover your music.

Let’s divide this post into two parts – the first one will address getting your music heard by completely new audiences and the second one will talk about exposing your existing fanbase to your new music.

First-time listeners

Exposing your music to new audiences is a continuing process throughout your music career. While old fans might be able to buy your music, live stream concert tickets, and merch, you need to grow your fanbase to reach fresh audiences and make new fans to keep the flow of customers to your music business.


One of the easiest ways for fans to discover your music is to just be where your music is – if a person hears what they like and the music accompanies a cool experience, they will be that much more inclined to look up the band or the song and discover more about you.

Seek out events, appearances, even small points of exposure like playing your song at the local mall or a coffee shop can help you add a few more fans.

As long as the event that you are partaking in has its own built-in audience that’s broader than your fanbase, you stand to get your music heard by dozens, hundreds, and thousands sets of fresh ears. Pro tip: make sure your music distribution service added your songs to Shazam.

Submit to a Spotify playlist

Yes, you can actually do that for free and without any lobbying. And people love Spotify playlists, and your music gets the potential to be heard by tens of thousands of people. To be added to one of the lists, pick the one you want to be listed on after careful consideration, add a convincing description, and submit!

As an alternative, you can also submit your song to less mainstream and/or niche music discovery websites, as well as music communities on Reddit and Facebook.

Album/single review

Another solid way to get your music before new eyes and ears is getting a review by an industry journalist. The more popular the publication, the higher your exposure, so start by emailing music reviewers from top publications who have covered music similar to yours in style, genre, and quality and then move down until you find a reviewer interested in covering your release.


Another way to reach new audiences, especially when you have quality tracks out but haven’t yet put real effort in building your fanbase is asking your friends, music appreciators, industry reviewers, influencers in the niche of music discovery and review for your genre and/or location to give you a shoutout.

Meaningful and relevant shoutouts from social media influencers with the right audience for your music stand to provide you with a great chance of people actually clicking on your song and giving it a good listen. By the way, what works even better – shoutouts on chat and messenger groups with friends or communities. If you or someone you know are members of a large closed community, a shoutout there can be a great way to find new fans.


Feeling adventurous? You can actually upload snippets of your music to TikTok or even start a fun challenge and, if you are lucky, the song might become popular and reach new audiences that way. One of Show4me users, Rudebone, actually experienced such a viral moment on the app with his song Bandana.

New music to old fans

How many bands and artists you loved when you were younger and then kind of lost track of? Sometimes we outgrow the music and artists we love, but more often than not, things just get lost in the day-to-day as our attention span is narrow and can only consistently follow a limited number of priorities.

This is why the big stars get all the attention too – because they have the marketing budget and the celebrity to reach top means of information distribution and thus constantly pop up on our feeds and our minds.

To keep and develop your fanbase, you need to not only release new music, but get it to your fans.

Collect emails

People who love your music should be subscribed to your mailing list, period. A note in one’s inbox to come listen to a new song by the artist they like/love/enjoy is going to be immensely more persuasive than a social media post you will make and your followers may or may not see (hello, algorithms and people not opening their feeds of days at a time).

Have a strong, engaging brand

Many fans find out about concerts and album premieres on social media. Create a strong presence on social media and give your fans a reason to follow your updates so that they are there when you have something to promote.

Create a social media calendar and post regularly to entertain your fans and connect. One very engaging tool in your set can be giveaways. People love free stuff and whether it’s a piece of your merch, an unreleased song, or a concert ticket, many fans will be excited to join.

Build your fanbase on Show4me

As many of our readers know, Show4me is a full-stack solution for musicians looking to build their music business, solidify a fanbase, and monetize their music and shows.

Creating a strong presence on the platform will benefit you into two ways.

First, your audience will know exactly the place where they can find and support all of your music business – news, songs, albums, concert information, tickets, EPs, singles, merch, behind the scenes, etc.

Secondly, each promotional campaign you run builds onto the previous one, expanding and strengthening your fanbase and providing you with solid numbers of paying clients that you can ballpark will buy your next record or show tickets.

Final thoughts

The key to maintaining a successful presence on the music scene is maintaining your relationship with your existing fans and consistently reaching out to new audiences to try and consistently grow your fanbase.

There are countless ways to reach your potential fans with your music, but our advice would be to try out a selection of the most popular ones and then out of those pick ones that work best for you and focus your efforts on them. Your time and energy are finite even if you have a team helping you promote and distribute your music and shows, and even more so if you are a solo artist responsible for running your own music business.

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