Nesha Nycee is an MC from Atlanta who creates music in the genres of hip-hop, rap, underground rap. Nesha has worked with such industry players as Jazze Phae, Dungeon Family, Organized Noize, and Lil Kim. Most recently, the singer-songwriter got featured on season 1 Euphoria soundtrack with her song 2 True.

On May 13, 2020, Nesha will play her first ticketed online show in her Show4me Artist club. We've connected with Nesha to talk about her music, career, and the upcoming show.

Hi, Nesha, thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview with us! We are in love with your music! My first question is how did you get into rapping at 9 years old? Was it a school thing or you got inspired by another artist or something else? Tell us more about your beginnings in rap and music in general.

I started doing music at the age of 9. My childhood struggles and challenges inspired me to do music. I was heavily influenced by 2pac, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, Lefteye, and so many others.

You have just released your single Struggle Made Us a few months ago, it’s a great track, can you share the inspiration behind it? What’s it about and why did you decide to create this song?

Struggle Made Us highlights every reason why I started doing music in the first place. The art of turning something into nothing. We all struggle with something no matter what it is.

Let’s talk about Euphoria. Being featured in the pilot of Zendaya’s hit drama Euphoria has brought your music into the spotlight. Did you know your song was going to be used for the series or was it a surprise?

Yes, The Euphoria placement was amazing. I had no idea I would be featured in it, until it had already premiered but I was able to rewatch it… It was such a wonderful experience to be a part of. 

Tell us about 2 True – what’s the message of the song, who inspired it, what do you hope people take from it?

I wanted to create a song with high energy that people could get hype and have a good time too. The main message I hope people take from the record is learn to love the skin you're in and always stay true to yourself.

Your album 2 Humble was released last year, what are your plans for the future – promoting this album or producing a new one?

I feel like 2 Humble is a legendary project and the world needs to hear this body of work. I plan to do some exclusive releases of some visuals to a few tracks off of 2 Humble in the near future.

Show4me is a great platform for musicians to hold the full cycle of their music – interacting with fans, building that connection, sharing music, and monetizing it via subscriptions, sales, and shows. You’ve just created your Show4me Artist club this February – what our readers can expect to see there soon? Any exclusives planned?

Yes, I really appreciate Show4me for allowing me to be a part of the platform. Yes, expect more content from me, exclusive releases, concerts, and more.

You have also just launched an online concert campaign (we will link to your campaign here) – a new feature Show4me has just introduced in April 2020 to help musicians earn online. Who do you expect to see at your show and what the fans can expect from your performance?

I am very excited about the show. I expect to see my supporters there old and new. I am going to give a heartfelt, high energy performance with great music. Stay tuned!

And one last question – one of the genres you work in is Underground Rap, so we have to ask – which of your songs is the most underground rap of them all?)))

I feel like Struggle Made Us gives an underground flair for sure. It has that rawness and wittiness.

Thank you, Nesha Nycee, for taking the time to talk to us and share with our readers all the interesting stories about you and your music!

Yes, Queen, thank you for having me! NOW, everybody go listen to Struggle Made Us!

Listen to Struggle Made Us here:

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