Don’t go and start doing a million things at the same time, focus on two, three things and do them right, do that, have a plan of action, at the end of the day without having a plan you can’t really succeed because you’ll just be shooting blanks everywhere. 

You can have twenty-five different things you’ll need to be doing every single day, you’ll need to make sure you are very organised and precise at what you do, cause thing on the list are always there but the time always goes, so if you don’t have time to do all this… so you have to be super organised and prepared.

Planning the tour, well we’ve just started to work on this first ever UK tour, that we are going to do with the band later this year, sort a October-November time. And it’s very much about targeting your audience, finding out where you can go and play, and that there is not going to be 6 people coming to the venue, there might be 20, 40, 50, 100, and those audiences will come and follow you as you go along, so its research, really heavy research, six month in advance at least, start finding the places you can play.

Be realistic about what you are doing, it’s better for me to do less, come back and do another one but better, so I’d rather go and play 10 shows when there is 50 to 75 people coming to each show, and its full, and it’s the best atmosphere ever, and then you can play 5 shows to 500 people and the room is only maybe quarter full.

 All the guys in the bands I work with, they all work in the bars, they are all pulling pints, so the days when we don’t have a gig or rehearsal, they’ll be at the bar pulling beers for people and then saving that money and then buying the gear, and then whatever we have left we hire a van, off we go.

Costing is just such a difficult thing, cause you always have to be prepared, things will always go wrong, ampule will be broken, guitar will be broken, van will be broken as long as you know things will go south, something bad might happen, and you are super prepared to make sure that happens, then you’ll be sound. I always say if I know it will cost me 200 pounds to drive me there and back, I have 400 pounds ready, just in case, better have it, then you know be all like I can’t play cause I can’t get there cause the van broke down or whatever. Be ready!

It costs nothing to be nice, but it will get you remembered, because the people will be like we had three bands on tonight, two of them just turned up, played and left, one band turned up, said hello, was punctual, was nice, cleaned after themselves, don’t leave any mess, don’t destroy anything.

That’s the difference between being a band and being a band who gets remembered, and often gets invited back because of that little bit of extra work that you put before you play and after you play, I’ll have that band back any day.

Don’t quit!

So, you’ve got to be persistent, you’ve got to have patience, you’ve got to work hard and you’ve got to do it long term. And that’s what happens to a lot of new bands, they just run out of time or patience, so just stay with it, if you believe your project is good, and if you see these little bit by little bit you ticking these little goals, we play the venue for 20 people, next month the venue for 50 people, then we have a new music video, then something else, then we have t-shirts made for the band, and it will all come, all you’ve got to do is keep patient and keep working hard.