French producer, promoter and music manager Vivian Vincent founded her own music production company Vintess Innovation Entertainment in 2012. She released several singles over her career, including Top 200 charting One of a Kind and viral Peace and Unity.

I am a music producer, executive producer, show promoter, and also artist manager, and then I’m also a publisher.

If you have an artist, you have to guide the artist in the right direction. You have to let them know that with your vision as a manager where do you want to see the artist and how can you apply your own creative ideas to develop this artist in terms of his career.

What will actually have an artist to have a visibility is to do a show. You can’t just do music and then keep your music under the carpet and expect people to hear you. You have to go out and promote yourself you have to promote your brand, you have to promote your music as an artist.

You have to use every kind of social platform. You can’t just be an artist, record a song and then go and sleep. You want to let your manager or your promoters, other people to do everything for you, or your fans. You have to show interest, you have to give, you have to volunteer yourself. You have to let people know that this is a sacrifice you have to do for yourself, it’s like an investment you are doing for yourself.

You have to be prepared, you have to know, because a lot of artists they want to be independent, and they think that they can do it all by themselves. You can’t do everything by yourself, without asking someone to assist you, you know. I think, in my own opinion, when it comes to showcasing an artist, artists have to be the major, the key player in the project. And then they are followed by the manager, by the labels, and the rest of the things.

And when it comes to promotion, artists have to be available, you know. You don’t just pay money to a publisher and say, ok, put my music on YouTube. And on YouTube you think you’d have a million views – you have to work on it.

Now, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other kinds of social media platforms is open for the artist, first of all. Now that we have artist platform, where you can register yourself, you can start communicating, posting yourself. Interact with you fans on a daily basis, let them know what you’re doing and what your plan is. You just don’t have a social media and then because you are an artist you just go to sleep and you expect fanbase to grow. You have to put something that will interest them. People don’t buy your music anymore, so how can you make money?

There should be a change, because going into a digital era is really causing a lot of damage already. To me, I see it as damage, I don’t see it as improving. So in the next five years they should bring something that can bring the music business back to life again. From 2012 to now, things have changed, people do make money. I think the people who actually make the real money are the major companies, the independent companies are not making no money. But I think we should come together again and rethink again to wake up the music industry all over the world.