New all-in-one Show4me Music Interaction Network is officially introduced to the music community on April 18, 2019.


Show4me is a global music-related network with tools for direct artist and fan interaction and music monetization for DIY musicians, signed to labels artists and their fans as well as for record labels, concert promoters and other music industry professionals.

The main goal of Show4me network is to bring a quality change in the way music is delivered from musicians to fans, the way it is being consumed and the way artists get paid for their music.

Show4me would level the playing field for musicians and give the opportunity to get a fair reward for their art by building a close relationship with their fans through a direct interaction model.


Using the network, every player of the music industry can win:

  • Musicians get equal chances to get noticed, gain fame and recognition and make a true life-long living as full-time musicians. 

The network is based on a ground-breaking $1 annual subscription for fans combined with the other tools like concert and music crowdfunding, music sales that artists can use to get real music-related income and genuine appreciation for their art.

We have improved and united all these tools in a single music-related ecosystem so that every artist can benefit from using each of these features, not to mention the opportunity to build sustainable music careers by applying a powerful combination of all toolkits. To start using Show4me, artists need to create a professional account - Artist Club.

The subscription itself with fans paying just $1 a year to listen to all music of their favorite artist, allows artists to make up to 300 times higher income compared to music streaming.

In addition, Show4me provides musicians with an action plan on how to professionally manage their music business to take their careers to the next level using all digital toolkits within the network.


  • Fans paying just $1 a year can listen to all music of their favorite artists and interact directly with favorite musicians in digital “Artist Clubs” similar to classical “fan-clubs” with the key difference that the Artist Club makes artists and fans closer to each other. What is more, the Artist Club opens up unlimited opportunities for artists to tap into fanbase from all over the world and engage with them directly. True fans have the power to take their favorite artists and their music from the undiscovered to worldwide known.


  • Record labels and other music industry professionals can use Show4me network as an alternative way to promote their artists.


Show4me is the project of the UK-based company Wefuture Ltd. It has started and operated since 2015 as a concert crowdfunding platform until the board has decided to expand it into a complete music interaction network to open broader opportunities for the musicians compared to music streaming.


Over the last several years we have studied the unique challenges artists and music professionals are facing in today’s complex music industry. We have scrutinized various music services, platforms and marketplaces designed to help musicians monetize their music activities. We dived deep into their strengths and weaknesses to figure out why with their help only very few artists succeed while most struggle to make ends meet. We have spotted serious gaps and found the way to fill these gaps.


That is how a self-sufficient, all-in-one music-related Show4me network was born.


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