June 4, 2019 – Karen Chiftalaryan, Show4me founder and CEO announces the official introduction of the Show4me Music Interaction Network to key music industry players at Midem international B2B music event in Cannes, France. It is the first time when the upgraded version of Show4me is presented to artists and music industry professionals after its official release in April 2019.

Show4me Music Interaction Network is an ultimate alternative to music streaming and an all-in-one ecosystem for music monetization via direct artist and fan interaction. Show4me team is happy to present to Midem participants and attendees an unprecedented $1 fan membership model. It offers a decent alternative to music streaming, which dominates the market with most artists getting way too small pay-outs. Show4me fan membership empowers artists to earn up to 300 times higher profit compared to music streaming.

By attracting fans from various social networks and subscribing them to Artists clubs on Show4me, artists can interact, engage and build a way deeper emotional connection than with just followers dispersed among various platforms. This helps turn listeners into super fans and make them a part of the exciting process of music creation. Also, artists get detailed stats on fans to know their preferences, their number and geography, track ticket and album sales.

“By presenting this model to the market, Show4me aims to bring back the value of music as an art form, which has been debased in the past few years”, − says Show4me founder and CEO Karen Chiftalaryan

Launched in 2015 as a crowdfunding platform by the UK-based company Wefuture Ltd, Show4me was transformed into a single music-related network after the company has raised a $12,8 million investment in round A (January 2019). Show4me has raised a total of $13,5 million investments within three rounds since its launch. The company board has used the funds to upgrade Show4me and unite in one network specialized tools for music monetization: ground-breaking $1 fan membership, music and concert crowdfunding, music sales, direct-to-fan interaction, and others. This powerful mix of tools would open broader opportunities for artists and music industry professionals compared to concert crowdfunding, music streaming, and other existing models. The new network is designed for unsigned and signed to labels artists and their fans as well as record labels, and other music industry players. They can use a powerful combination of tools or each tool separately tailored to their business needs to launch more frequent local and global concerts and boost a predictable touring activity. Using Show4me, artists and music professionals can build and efficiently manage a successful music business. Show4me is the space where artists get genuine appreciation and fair reward for their commitment to music and their art backed by their true fans.

The entire toolkit is available for artists and music experts on a free-to-use Show4me network, namely in the Artist club – your professional business account. Your Artist club on Show4me allows you to get: 

  • Multiplied music-related revenues from more shows and tours
  • Risk-free gigs setup and music sales via fans’ pledging, which gives freedom from having to invest own money
  • A global community of dedicated fans that actively participate in making your gigs and music releases happen
  • Freedom to focus on music creation while enjoying a successful music career
  • Popularity, wealth and success

Since the official release of Show4me Music Interaction Network in April 2019 until the Midem event, many artists and music bands like the leading American band Escape The Fate have joined Show4me and created their official Artist clubs. We welcome artists and professionals like yourself to join Show4me and take your music activity to the next level. 


Come visit us at stand P3.B4 during the Midem event and talk to our team. Let’s meet and discuss the latest trends in the changing music industry and together find ways to create, deliver and consume music in a fruitful tandem with its true admirers.    


For more details on Show4me, click here.