Searching the web, you get the feeling that everyone in the music industry is constantly bragging about how troublesome and time-consuming it is for artists to organize a gig or a concert. What if somebody told you that it is as simple as organizing a little home party? Buckle up! You are about to find out how to book a gig in a week!


In the past, concerts & gigs were considered a loss leader or marketing device to drive physical album sales. Times have changed… Now, music events are becoming one of the main income generators as digitalization and music streaming have devalued music as an art form, which is why most artists cannot make real money on streaming. Organizing a gig or a concert is a great revenue source for performing artists - concert ticket sales, physical album sales, and merchandise. Take advantage of that!

Before we jump into how to book a GIG in a WEEK, first thing first: you have to decide what type of a gig or concert you want to organize?

Here at Show4me, we came up with three main concert typesShow, Intimate concert, Private event.

  • The show is a music event for a big audience like concerts, fests, shows or gigs organized in large venues, open airs, etc.
  • The intimate concert is a small concert organized at small venues like bars, pubs, private houses, etc., where artists perform standing only a few feet away from the audience and can easily engage in conversation during the performance.
  • A private event is an occasional or special event for a select group of true fans and personal invitation code holders invited personally by the artist to attend the event.

A little tip here. If you are booking your first gig, start with a private event or intimate concert. For you, it will be a great chance to practice your organizational skills as well as mastering your performance on stage. And most importantly, it will be less stressful! If you’re a pro artist and you’ve done it thousands of times, pick whatever type you want, just remember:  mixing different concert types is very beneficial, because it gives your fans brand new experience.


For Gig in a Week, let’s focus on small venues and audiences since it is much easier and faster to organize. Hopefully, you’ve imagined and pictured in your head what music event you want to organize by now. The next thing you do is – find a perfect venue. Again, don’t overthink this step… Pick the one that you know well or maybe some local place - pub or bar with a cozy atmosphere.


After you have a venue, it’s time to think about – M O N E Y! Or funding if you don’t like the M-word. When it comes to the concert organizing, artists typically pay for everything by themselves or try to find sponsors to cover all the costs. In this case, all the internet bragging is there for a reason… It is risky, time-consuming and a big pain in the neck. So how do you do that in a week and risk-free since you need to pay for a good venue, high-quality equipment, and cover other organizational expenses?


Here comes the magic of concert crowdfunding!


Gig that is Risk-Free

You can use concert crowdfunding that works effectively for emerging musicians that want professional development and creative freedom. You just need to create and launch your own campaigns and invite your true fans to pledge to the event you want to organize.


When booking a gig, it is important to keep in mind – You’re doing it for your fans! They are the ones attending your concerts, buying tickets, albums and merch. Thus ask yourself this: how will they know about the gig you are organizing for them?


PROMOTE your Gig

Promotion is essential in booking a gig. You should carefully choose which promotional strategies to use to attract your audience. For artists, it can be a bit challenging especially if they have no experience in marketing, no time and not even the slightest idea how to promote the music event.

On Show4me you can easily communicate with your fans, share your vision, and make them interested enough and willing to support your next show.

In return, the fans who are the first to pledge to get a 40% discount on pre-sale tickets until a confirmation point is reached. For more details on Show4me, click here.


‘Gig in a Week’ − Mission Completed

At this point, you’ve reached the confirmation point and have enough funding to cover all the needed expenses like venue, equipment, etc. Set the date of your gig and get ready to rock! A successfully booked gig on Show4me means you have collected enough funds from fans for a gig organization. In addition, you do grow your fan base when promoting the event.


If the confirmation point was not reached, there is always another chance to try. It is all about your personal approach to interaction and promotion. The network gives you numerous opportunities to succeed.


Show4me gives you an opportunity to book a gig in a week or within any time frame that you choose. The only thing left is a motivation that will keep you running until your goal to create a great event has been reached, a mission to attract your fans completed and your gig rocked!  


Discover Show4me and reap the benefits!