Like a Storm is a hard rock, alternative metal post grunge band formed in 2005 in Auckland, New Zealand. The group’s signature sound is the combination of heavy baritone guitar riffs and hard rock songs with didgeridoo. They’ve released three studio albums: The End of the Beginning (2009), Awaken the Fire (2015), and Catacombs (2018). They are the highest charting New Zealand hard rock band in American radio history – The End of the Beginning and Awaken the Fire debuted in the Billboard 200.

Like a Storm toured with Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Three Days Grace, Steel Panther, Shinedown and Hellyeah.

The band shares their best advice on what to look out for when trying to make money with music.

One of the challenges for us was that when you start out people are telling you should do this because it’s really tough these days to be a band so you have to follow, do this, this and this and if you make a song, then everybody in the world has to like it, or else you are not going to be big, and that to us just sounded like a huge waste of something we were very passionate about and very blunt musically. So, one of the things for us was knowing, like, who do you just want to say that’s your opinion, but I still have to be true to myself because it is our name on the record.

But I think the worst advice, when it comes to you in a way that is so absurd it turns into the best advice because you just saying, like, “why am I listening to these people” that clearly what I want to do is so far away from what they think I should do. And you kind of realize at that point of time how important it is for you to do what you believe in. You always feel that way, but it’s when someone says something like that, that directly challenges it, that’s when all 3 of us are just like “this is crazy”.

There are a lot of, so many bands that we are inspired by, that we get to tours with and that love the music that they play in their backstage, playing guitar all day, and they are going up and playing every show as if it’s their first and last show, giving everything they have every single night. I think that’s the best advice.


When we made our first album, as Chris was saying, like, the number of different people that are kind of talking in your ear. You are a new band and you know that you can play music and you know that you love playing music, but you don’t really know if what you are doing is any good and to me when I look back at our career, man if I could feel and sense it, you kind of become a bit more at peace with your own abilities and a bit more confident.

It doesn’t really matter if they think you are any good, or if you think you are any good, really it’s about do you want to do it? do you enjoy playing? and at that point, if you do, then why the hell wouldn’t you want to make a record, why wouldn’t you want to go do that every night?

It comes with time, so it makes sense you can’t be a rookie, playing your first game and have the experience of the veteran. But when I look back, so much, there is a lot of kind of scrambling around that can happen when you first start out because you are just trying to get a start.

Trust your instincts and don’t take anyone for their word. It can be very scatty, people have no problem with being dishonest, people have no problem with giving you contracts that don’t reflect what they’ve told you or the things in there are designed to exploit you. Pick the people that are close to you, choose them wisely, read every single thing, every single contract, anything that you have to sign. A lot of egos in the industry and none from the musicians. We have great people around us now, but for every band, I am sure you arrive at that, most people don’t start with that. At the end of the day, it is you, it’s your band name and there is a very special bond that you have with your fans, is that they trust you and you trust them and that is worth more than money.

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