In his video interview, Raymond Gonzalez, a music producer and manager with a 35-year experience is sharing his thoughts on what artists should do before a real promoter can take them over and help them develop their music careers. Raymond is most known for his long-term collaboration with American songstress Nina Simone, whom he managed for many years after her move to Europe. Gonzalez has been running MOM Productions in Paris since 2000.

I am Raymond Gonzalez, if you’d like, director of MOM Productions in Paris. I’ve been in the business [for] about 35 years, and what we do is – we used to do a lot of productions, but now we are doing more management and tours. There you go – we try to develop the careers of our artists and produce them sometimes, whatever is necessary.

There is not enough promoters to take risks, so the artists have to do a lot of their own work. They have to be their own press agent, their own producer... They produce their own albums.

Once they make it, a real promoter takes over after that. But because they don’t have the public yet, so they have to create that public, in order for us to develop and go a step further. Get everywhere, you get your name everywhere, don’t be afraid that you don’t have the public or whatever. Check out our blog on how artists can book more gigs in order to get a booking agent.

Because repetition, it’s like learning a language, you hear a thousand times a word and then you remember it. Sometimes I get mailings from artists and I get so many from that particular artist that I start thinking he is a star or he must be important. And I start actually checking them out, you know. And, unfortunately, sometimes it’s not worth it at the end – it’s not that they are not artistically worth it, it’s just financially. It’s a business, like any kind of business.

I think the means of communication etcetera have completely changed as it is, and it will keep on changing. It’s very difficult to forecast – I mean, I am doing this interview with you, and you didn’t exist a couple of years ago, you know what I mean? So how can I forecast what’s going to exist in two more years, you know?

Concerts now have taken over. The only thing is, there are so many artists and there are not enough venues, and there is not enough promoters. 

That’s what’s gonna have to develop, and that’s venues, and more venues, and more means and possibilities for artists to get out there and express their artistic talent.

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