2020 is coming to an end, and we’d like to close the year by putting the spotlight on you – music creators who use the tools Show4me provides to expand your fan community and share your music and shows.

We found the most active Artistclubs on Show4me this year and will highlight each of them on our list below. Dive in and sub to those you haven’t yet!

Sonia Nawri

Sonia Nawri is an alternative singer/songwriter from Spain. Sonia has held two online concerts on Show4me so far and her third show is coming this Sunday, December 27, 2020!

In 2020, Sonia has upload 2 albums to her Discography, shared numerous posts with her subscribers, and ran an album preorder campaign for her LAW AND CHAOS EP.

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Rayven Amani

Rayven Amani is a reggae artiste, performer, and songwriter from Jamaica. She’s the silky voice of the band Mission Driven and creates music in the genres of reggae, dancehall, and dubstep.

Rayven has held two online concerts on Show4me, shared two albums in her Discography, and been actively interacting with her fans in her Artistclub.

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T Brixson

T Brixson is an independent artist from the UK. His sound is a fusion of Afrobeats, R&B, reggaeton, dancehall, and house music. The musician held two online concerts on Show4me this year – from London and Milan.

The creator shared the whopping 7 albums in his Discography this year. His LP Shades of Me came out on Show4me exclusively several days ahead of official release. T Brixson also joined our Friday Live on Instagram twice – in July and September!

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Krizziah Juanico

Krizziah Juanico is a rising star vocalist from the Philippines. Krizziah has been covering classical, pop, R&B, and soul songs for years, and in 2020 she released her first original tracks – A Fool For You and Night of December.

This year, Krizziah has held three online shows and uploaded three albums to her Artistclub, as well as been sharing her news and updates with the fans very actively. We featured her amazingly engaging July concert in our blog post on the lessons we’ve learnt from watching 30 online shows on Show4me.

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Kieran Taylour

UK country/rock/pop multiinstrumentalist Kieran Taylour has also been one of the more active creators on Show4me this year. The artist held two online concerts and uploaded two albums to his Artistclub Discography.

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Los Soneros

Los Soneros is a Latin American music duo working in the UK. The two artists – guitarist Victor Garcia and vocalist Natalia Pelaez – come from Mexico and Columbia and share the traditional music of their home region.

Los Soneros held seven online concerts on Show4me this year, connecting with fans and delivering the music in some of the best quality settings on the platform. Our blog readers might remember our summer interview with the band discussing their prowess at putting together online shows and sharing advice for fellow music creators.

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Larissa Goretkin

Larissa Goretkin is a Brazilian musician now living in Portugal. Larissa has held numerous online events at Show4me over this year. One of the seven shows she held got sold out – we reached out to Larissa along with two other selling-out creators on the platform to share the advice they have for effective online concert marketing.

Larissa has also held two successful album crowdfunding campaigns.

In her shows, Larissa is often joined by her musician husband LELEIA.GLITTER, also one of the most active creators on our platform.

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Italian DJ and sound designer DE FEO is also one of the most active artists on our platform this year. He held three online shows and made regular posts to his Artistclub. The artist is also streaming his fourth live show on Show4me this coming Saturday, so hurry to get your tickets!

You may remember DE FEO from our post on setting up quality audio for your online event where he shared his tips on broadcasting live DJ sets online.

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Kenta Kamiyama

Kenta Kamiyama is an experimental musician from Japan. He skillfully mixes jazz, classic, pop, electronic, and ambient sounds to create create his music. The artist is another prolific musician on our platform – he uploaded multiple albums, created three online show campaigns, and has been connecting with his Artistclub fans.

Despite two refunds, Kenta persevered and successfully held a unique online show to support his EP Sisters. The event was broadcast from the atmospheric PEACEis gallery.

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Our final creator on the list is drag queer performatic singer/songwriter LELEIA.GLITTER. The Portuguese musician streamed five online concerts on Show4me this year and has been actively sharing his updates with the members of his Artistclub.

The disco and folk musician produces creative covers of popular tracks and often collabs with his wife Larissa Goretkin on his online events.

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Closing points

It was a challenge to select just the ten artists as the most active on the platform this year as we’ve weighed everyone’s contribution in the form of Artistclub activity – new and regular posts and engagement with fans, online concerts, new music uploads, and music preorder campaigns.

We are happy to see all of the musicians using Show4me to connect with their fans, build their music brands, and monetize their work and hope to see all of you succeed.

Feel free to connect with our team of artist success managers with any questions and support for your Artistclub maintenance, music sales, premieres, preorders, and online and offline shows!

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