The concert and event promotion industry is growing rapidly in the United States. Revenue is already increasing to $33 billion this year, and it seems that the gradation is only yet to achieve and continue its peak.

These days, more music artists make most of their revenue from live shows and performances, as the majority of this profit is being generated from ticket and merchandise sales. More music fans also want to experience live shows and see their favorite artists live.

Unfortunately, however, the live music industry presents a significant amount of obstacles, challenges and difficulties that should be considered when it comes to taking advantage of the opportunities of growth needed in the process of developing a high-profile career. Musicians are struggling to finance a tour (let alone earning from it), secure pre-sales and pay merch sale percentages to venues and promoters.

What’s the solution?

Many acts are taking to music crowdfunding to entice fans and promote their live performances, considering the very attractive possibilities and conditions that such a method is capable of providing to the end user.

Here are some tips that can not only help you to improve the live performance aspect of your career through the crowdfunding principle, but your overall career status as well.

Post your tour and show announcements

The internet offers the most convenient way to promote your concerts and tours, but even in the digital world acts struggle to promote their concerts with the highest possible efficiency rate due to the oversaturation of the music world field. Social media can only reach so many fans and the press. Media attention isn’t always successful, and there’s no guaranteeing that a promoter can do their job.

Fortunately, Show4Me offers an alternative. Your fans already follow your activity on the platform. You can be sure that your fans will view your show or tour announcement, knowing when and where you are playing near them. Not only that, but your audience will get the opportunity to support your plans by enjoying more of your content.

Sell tickets

Concert crowdfunding platforms such as Show4Me offer a convenient way to pre-sell tickets to live shows.

In a traditional concert promotion setting, a promoter or an artist will usually set up multiple event pages on various websites or social media with ticket purchase links leading to a different website. But the best way to secure pre-sales and improve concert attendance figures is to promote the concert and sell tickets in the same place.

Not only that, but you’ll also save a percentage of ticket sales income that you deserve, rather than redirecting portions of it to different parties.

Raise money for tour expenses

Ticket and merch sales aren’t the only way to finance a tour. Crowdfunding is becoming a useful method to ensure you can afford all of the expenses required to tour and earn a decent income.

Instead of taking a risk on future sales, allow fans to pre-buy tickets to your upcoming shows on your tour in varying price categories.

The lowest price tier can include a ticket to a chosen show, while higher price tiers can include additional benefits, like merch, meet-and-greets, and even a music tutoring session with one of the band members.

Set up intimate and private events

What if you’re not booking a major show or a tour, but rather an intimate or private event? Crowdfunding platforms such as Show4Me also allow you to crowdfund and promote private events. This is the perfect way to promote these shows because you’re announcing them within the network directly to your fans – exactly where you are interacting with them on a day-to-day basis.

It’s the best way to generate interest for once-in-a-lifetime shows or unusual or themed events, such as an album premiere show or an acoustic show.

Promote new music

While promoting new music on Show4Me can help generate album sales and streams, it can also generate interest in attending your live show. You can tease a new song that you’ll premiere at a live show or share the inspiration behind your new tracks.

Upload your music to Show4me for fans to listen to in your Artist club and download. This way you are monetizing your music and promoting your upcoming shows at the same time!

Once you attract a person to one of the fields of your music activity, it would be easy to redirect their attention to another one as well.

Offer to play their town

As an artist, how often do you receive messages from fans, asking you to play their town or country?

Make your fans’ dreams come true with the help of crowdfunding. The tool is designed exactly for that – to gauge demand for a show in a certain location. Some fans live in small towns and even small countries that don’t attract many tours. Crowdfunding can help you to leverage support from your fans all over the world.

Here’s how you can do this.

Start by calculating the budget required to play their specific location. Factor in gear, renting out the venue (if you’re not working with a promoter), flights and accommodations, and transportation, etc.

From there, develop ticket pricing tiers. This way, you’re sure to make your budget before the show even starts.

Music crowdfunding can help bring in a crowd

By utilizing this concept, you will be able to meet multiple objectives benefiting your career at once – presenting your music to different markets, demographic groups and audience segments by improving your live profile status.

Ready to get started with music crowdfunding? Learn all the details about setting up your campaign and the advantages of the model over traditional concert funding here.