Musicians go through a lot to get their music out to fans. Writing, recording, mixing, mastering, performing, touring, merchandising...the list goes on.


None of this is easy, but we do it because we love what we do and so do our fans. But what if I told you there is now an easier way to get your sound out to fans? What if you could have all of your information in one easy-to-manage place?


Now with Show4me Music Interaction Network, you can do just that


With the typical music crowdfunding platform, you can expect to have your next album funded by fans, but that's where the benefits end. You're expected to take care of all the costs of touring yourself, which can be tremendously bank-breaking for the average up and coming artist.


  • At the heart of Show4me lies a crowdfunding-based model, which is different from typical music crowdfunding, and here is why:   

Show4Me doesn’t just help with crowdfunding in a traditional sense, it can also help you crowdfund your touring costs. That means you can launch concert crowdfunding campaigns in addition to music crowdfunding absolutely risk-free.  


It is proven in the music industry that the longer you wait to put out something new, the more people lose interest in you. Show4me is here to help you stop stressing about that, and keep going with your creativity.


With these advantages, you can keep something exciting happening for your fans constantly, without any lag in between album releases. This means your momentum as an artist can only grow as you keep releasing new music and organizing shows frequently, keep going on new tours, not only in your home country but also internationally, and keep coming out with new merchandise to sell.


  • Show4me crowdfunding is zero-loss and risk-free

With most music crowdfunding platforms, if you don't reach the goals you set, oh well. You're now at risk of ruining your hard-earned reputation unless you foot the rest of the bill and get the rewards out to your expectant supporters.


With Show4me you won't have to worry about that. The network runs on a zero-loss model. That means your fans will automatically receive all of their funds back, if the funding goal of your music or concert crowdfunding campaign is not achieved. And you won't be left between a rock and a hard place.


  • Show4me is a music specific network  

This means that everyone who comes to our site is here for one thing, "Great Music". No competing with board games, the latest gadgets, or some dudes ham sandwich. You have nothing but people looking to find that next hit here to fund your dream. The rest is up to you!


  • Keep continual contact with your fans

With the Show4me platform you are able to interact with your fans on a minute to minute basis, so you can keep them up with the latest news, and make meaningful connections with each and every one of them.


This is huge in helping keep the interest up with your projects and avoiding the dreaded decline in sales.


  • All of your fans in one place

Show4me provides detailed stats on all an artists’ fans, such as where fans are located, how many tickets were sold in each area, etc.


Show4me takes it one step further with the true fans that sign up for your Artist Club. Through your Artist Club, you’ll be able to see all of their applauds/likes, what they’re sharing, who they're following and much more!


With all these benefits it would be crazy to think it could get any better but it does. Show4me is based on an annual subscription for fans, which only costs them $1.00 a year for access to listen to all your music (without downloading). This subscription can help artists make up to 300 times higher profit than on music streaming.


Show4me provides a mix of useful tools that fully meet a musician's needs and provide them with everything they could think of to keep their fans engaged, and their creativity flowing.


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