If you want to play a concert but are not sure if your fans are interested in your specific event – be it a long drive, unusual concept, ticket price, or something else – you can save yourself the risk of organizing something that might not sell well and pre-sell tickets to your event with Show4me’s handy tool called “concert crowdfunding”.

In this blog post, we will teach how to best utilize the Show4me concert crowdfunding toolset and make your crowdfunding campaign look (and perform!) its best. Read on to find out more.

Getting started

The option to start a concert crowdfunding campaign is available to all users registered for a professional account on Show4me. This is free, you just need to select this type of an account during your Show4me registration process:

If you already have a Show4me fan account, you will have to sign up for a professional one as well.

To start a professional Show4me account, you need to be 18 or older as you will later need to add your bank account info in order to withdraw any money earned via music sales, Artistclub membership sales, as well as music and concert crowdfunding.

Your campaign

Click Create > Campaign at the top right part of your screen to be prompted to open the campaign form.

Note that there are three show formats you can crowdfund in Show4me: show (for large events), intimate concert (for smaller, more intimate shows), and a private event with access via code or Artist club membership.

In the present post we will teach you how to make your show crowdfunding campaign the most enticing to your target audience, but the key ingredient is, of course, FOMO – the better you make your show look, the more likely your fans, supporters and local music lovers are to want to join in on the fun!

Describing your campaign

Starting with your campaign name and ending with the last period in your campaign description – everything matters. Aim to make your description exciting and short. A single word can be something that will convince one of your fans, supporters, or accidentally-on-your-page music lovers to come to your event. Don’t be afraid to create a few drafts and rewrites.

Make sure to point out the most interesting aspects of your show, any special guests, theme, song or album premieres, dress code, contests, and other attractions on-site or in the show program.

While trimming down your campaign description, make sure you keep these 5 key bits of information your guests are going to want to know prior to committing to attending your event:

  • the name of the performing artist,
  • preliminary show date and start time,
  • show location (city and venue).

Adding illustrations

Arguably even more important than the verbal description are your show promo visuals. They will help the audience evaluate your upcoming event at a glance and make the decision to continue learning more about your show.

Is the vibe of your illustrations reflective of your upcoming show? Does it highlight the most exciting, emotional parts of the night? Are the pictures visually interesting, high quality and captivating?

Here’s the visual selection we prepared for our example campaign:

Even the sponsor logo is coordinated with the rest of the imagery.

In a nutshell – look at all your illustrations are a part of a single picture, as your audience will see them. A practical solution to tackle the issue of using images that might not be all that complementary is compiling a mood board for your show.

Start by selecting a few dozen images, then find the core group of images that are similar in style and colors, and use them to illustrate your campaign for a smooth, harmonious look.

Promotional video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth, well, at least 24 frames per second) A high-quality promotional video can raise the profile of your event instantly.

Admittedly, this is the part of your campaign launch that will require the most effort from you. To make your end result the most impactful, make sure the quality of your raw footage is good.

As for your video concept, you can go one of several ways – either make a compilation of your performances, record yourself pitching your show to fans, or make a show promo using venue and rehearsal footage.

Depending on your budget, you can have your raw footage edited into a high-quality promo or leave it short and sweet with your own spoken call to get tickets.

Sample tracks

Another great way to increase the quality of your campaign is by adding a few sample tracks of your music right into the campaign (use tab Cover art and media when editing your campaign draft).

This is a great way to remind your fans about your greatest hits and introduce anyone unfamiliar with your art to your music and songwriting/performing style.

Your audio tracks will appear at the top of your campaign description, so make sure to strike a balance between properly representing your music and not overwhelming your visitors with too many tracks before you even get to describing what your event is about.

Final touches

Finish off your campaign description with a call to hit the preorder button at the top right of the campaign page and maybe an invitation to join your Artist club.

Importantly, explain to your fans that your event is alternatively funded and it’s important to buy tickets early to help make it happen. Outline the whole process step by step:

Preorder your ticket

Invite friends, share on social media

Follow campaign progress on the campaign page

Once the campaign reaches its Confirmation point and the artist sets the event date, you get your ticket in the email or you can download it from your Show4me profile

Show up to the show and have the night of your life!

If a show does not presell enough tickets to reach Confirmation point, your ticket will be fully refunded

Want to crowdfund your next show but not sure where to start? Here are 6 ways to utilize concert crowdfunding in your music career.

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