In the video below Kevin Thrasher from Escape The Fate American rock band is sharing useful tips on how you can set up a concert crowdfunding campaign on Show4me. 


Hey, what’s up? This is Kevin Thrasher with Escape The Fate.

Now we are going to upload a new campaign and book some shows.

Go to the left over here and click on ‘Show’. We’ll use Escape The Fate to create a show for my band. So, we’ll call the ‘Event title’ “Escape The Fate 10 year anniversary”. We’ll put the ‘Artist’ - Escape The Fate. ‘Country’ - we go with the United States. We’ll do, California. ‘The city’, we’ll do Anaheim. And for ‘Venue name’, we’ll enter a venue which I choose - The Chain Reaction. It’s a smaller venue in Southern California, seats about 300 to 400 people. Then we have the venue address which we can put in. We’ll put a brief description, “ETF plays a 10-year anniversary one night only!”.

Then we can just go to the bottom and we’ll click ‘Next’.

Next thing I want to do is create a cover image, and then here, is where we’ll go over the funding and the tickets. So with the budget Confirmation Point, we’ll enter the budget which is the cost of the campaign and the currency. Our budget now currently is 500 dollars and our minimum profit amount, we’ll say is around 50 dollars. So our Confirmation Point including the 6% Show4me fee is 583 dollars. Then we’ll go to our tickets. We’ll have general admission tickets and maybe, we’ll have some VIPs where we can meet the different fans. With this, we want to keep the tickets kind of at a lower price point, because after you reach your goal and after you reach the Confirmation Point, the ticket price will rise by 40%. So that really encourages your fans to basically jump on it and buy tickets right away, right after you make this post. The next thing we have here would be the Show4me fees, which is only 56 dollars.

Then we have a funding period.

So we have a duration of a minimum of seven days all the way up to 150 days. You can really work at it and you can go advertise. And then we have the admission, that is - eTickets. There will be a unique bar code that will be automatically generated and sent to the campaign pledgers. It’ll be super easy for them to get through tickets and just scan the tickets at the venue front door. We’ll have no age restrictions because it is all ages venue, there will be no alcohol sold, so we’ll just maximize how many people can go to the show here.

The next page is for sponsors to say, “my band was sponsored by The ESP Guitar, Ernie Ball Strings, Monster Energy Drinks”. You want to get them involved. We can bring the sponsors in and we can have them also add to the funding.

So we go to ‘Next’. We have our show.

The artist is Escape The Fate. The location is The Chain Reaction, Anaheim, California. And then we’ll launch our campaign right after it gets approved. Show4me will go through the campaign to make sure all the information is correct and it all makes sense. They’ll view and approve all the campaigns. So we can do it right after approval or we can wait and have a scheduled date & time to launch the show. So now, that I’ve clicked ‘Launch the campaign’, our campaign page is under moderation. We’ll be notified about the results within the next 24 hours.

This is awesome, it was so easy. Just with a few simple steps, I was able to enter all the information, all the data to sponsor a show.

And now I can invite people to come and check out the campaign that we have for a very exclusive one time show here.


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