What can an ordinary man or woman do to prevent humanitarian crisis somewhere half a world away or to stop the terroristic acts inside the country? Frankly speaking, a lot. And you know that this truth is backed by the idea that “music can change the world”. Well, a little concert is unlikely to solve an international conflict, but it can kickstart a fight for a good cause and raise funds for those in need. 

Be well-doing Prometheus

A benefit concert is such an event. It is all about spreading the word, finding support, gathering and unifying people. It is key to the minds and hearts of those who want to do something good for humanity. If the concert is about fundraising or maybe raising the awareness, your actions are about to open the eyes of people who are ready to offer their sincere support. And if you want to become Prometheus, who gives the light of benevolence and music, the Show4me Music Interaction Platform can be your torch. 

No torch, no concert

The task “How to Make a Fire of Goodness, How to Organize the Benefit Concert, requires four simple steps. The first step involves the concept creation for a show, starting from the issue you want to enlighten all the way to the songs you want to play that are connected to it. The second is more about choosing artists and calculating the cost of the overall organization.

And that is when the Show4me network acts and the Artist club comes into the play.

This business account allows one to manage the campaign, establish a dialogue with fans, and convey a message. It is all about interaction now. As soon as you know the costs of the concert organization, you raise the Confirmation Point, the desired minimum amount of money required for the launch of a campaign. At first, the network gives a 40% discount on tickets to fuel your light. When fans reach the confirmation bar, there is no darkness anymore! This means your Funding period passed through the checkpoint and there are no more barriers for you to raise even more funds for a good cause. The last step, crowdfunding, is about to be completed. From this step forward, you have the right to set a date for the concert and you have all the needed resources to make all the necessary arrangements.

The risks of live events are eliminated, and there are no more worries about the size of a crowd or regrets about wasted resources. Your audience has tickets, your fans are on their way and you have guarantees that all your efforts will not be in vain.

You are Prometheus now, taking care of humanity by doing good. There is no Zeus, producers, with their orders or restrictions. You have a torch and the risk-free model offered by Show4me Music Interaction Network at hand. Just trust the music, tune your instruments ready to fight for good.