A nightmare for any musician is watching a half-empty music hall during the concert. This means that the artist or the band are not popular enough. Nor do they have a chance to regain the money they've spent organizing the concert. It is common that, after dealing with debt, a musician might have developed a phobia of any organizational activity in the future. Emerging artists have few opportunities to earn when they try to arrange the first concerts in a traditional way. When it comes to putting on a gig, a musician usually thinks about possible losses and never about the profit or the perspective of gaining more popularity. 

New business models that have emerged in the music business field recently have radically changed this. A concert is no longer associated with financial complications because now there is an opportunity for musicians to not only gain profit from the show but skip the necessity to fund it or take financial risks. 

Show4me is a Music Interaction Network that knows the 'how to organize a concert' and turn it into a 'wow' experience for fans

Steps of this process are simpler than you can imagine, and the outcomes are impressive. 

Сoncert crowdfunding conducted via the network encourages fans to pledge the amount of money that covers organizational costs, which is included in the ticket price that the artist defines when setting up a concert. The only thing you and other artists and bands have to do is actively interact with your true admirers and engage them to support your projects. A much better investment than putting in your own funds and risking to never get them back, isn't it? Add to that a painful feeling associated with little or average popularity. This results in lost motivation far more frequently than financial losses for most artists.

All that makes concert crowdfunding look like a promising alternative. 

Singing about Red Right Hand, Nick Cave mentioned a very useful skill of this character “You don't have no money? He'll get you some.” In this regard, Show4me has the same ability. An artist who has already created his or her business account which is called the Artist club receives money from fans who truly admire his or her music for the purpose of putting together a concert. It is only necessary to launch a campaign that explains what you want to do and for whom. Fans receive a notification about this initiative via the Interaction Feed. And you can send your best fans direct messages as well. They can listen to your music, develop active communication and pledge to visit your concert. 

The main responsibility of a musician is to determine an accurate Minimum Profit, which is a minimum amount required to cover basic costs. As soon as this sum is raised, the Confirmation point is achieved and the ticket price grows by 40% and an artist starts receiving extra profit. Why does this happen? 

There are two stages: ticket pre-order and ticket sale. During the initial ticket pre-order stage the ticket price comes with a discount, which means an artist's fans can pay less for the ticket. Discounted price stimulates "early birds" to pledge your campaign to save money. However, these early birds will receive their tickets later after the Confirmation point is achieved, meaning the artist has raised enough funds and the show will take place. 

After the Confirmation point, the ticket sale stage comes in place. During this stage, the price for tickets grows by 40% and an artist starts receiving extra profit. It is your factual profit on top of the minimum profit. In that case, an artist gets a real chance to reach the Funding goal, which includes both a minimum profit and an extra profit, and Show4me's fee. Reaching the funding goal means you have raised enough money to put on a concert and got extra profit too. Isn't it something you have dreamt about? Show4me's fee is a success-based commission that is only charged in case the funding goal is achieved or all tickets are sold.

Artists! Remember it is your liability now to organize a concert to justify the effort and trust of your true fans. 

With Show4me, a musician can now evaluate the interest of an audience and the progress of a campaign without investing own funds, at the pre-event stage rather than post-factum.

That saves you time and money

Concert crowdfunding is empowered by Direct Interaction module on Show4me. Using this function, artists like you can actively communicate with your fans and promote your music to them. It also makes growing your fan base effectively. You get the potential to get in view of not only your fans that you invite to Show4me but to all the members of the music interaction network. Among them are other artists and music bands, and music professionals too. 

Fans benefit as they can buy tickets to your show with a 40% discount and become a part of the exciting process of concert organization 

If there was not enough activity for raising the minimum amount, they receive their money back with no fees. 

In case you have not received enough funds, all money is returned directly to all pledgers. It is 100% safe and risk-free. Artists should view this as a chance to 'test the demand' for your shows rather than failure. It is very much like organizing concerts in a traditional way.

The key difference here is that you gauge the audience's interest and whether they are ready to pay for your ticket at the pre-event stage without losing your own money.

The more crowdfunding campaigns you launch, the more feedback you will get from your fans. That will help you make the necessary improvements and hold successful shows in the future. 

Concert crowdfunding on Show4me simplifies concert organization and eliminates the majority of risks related to the financial aspect of it. 

Music is an art, and musicians finally can share their talents without dealing with so many challenging obstacles. 

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