The cover image for your online concert is a crucial part of your event collateral that can make or break your event. If you want your fans, local and international music lovers, as well as just randomly pulled in users to be excited about your event and tune in, a quality engaging visual is very important.

In this post we are discussing the criteria for a good cover image and what you should prioritize when selecting yours.

One of a kind

The first characteristic of a good cover image for your online music event is its uniqueness. The more your image stands out from the rest, the better the chances that it will grab the attention of anyone browsing Show4me online shows lineup, people on your feed, or even your email list.

Whether you go with a photo or graphic for your show cover visual, pick one that has not been done to death.

Cameron Provo event

Signature style

While hunting for a standout cover, keep in mind that it still has to be ‘you’. This way, your cover image will remind all of your fans about everything they love about you. It will feel familiar and evoke an emotional reaction from your fans who will remember all the good times they’ve had while listening to your music or attending your shows.

Los Soneros event

Impactful color scheme

One way to stand out is using an impactful color scheme for your visual. Be it punchy colors, monochrome, or high contrast concept image, a diverse visual will help your show stand out in any feed.

To text or not to text?

Whether you should include any text on your online concert cover image is ultimately up to you, but, unlike a poster, show cover often benefits from offering a little mystery and intrigue, as opposed to just laying out exactly what’s going to happen and when, so that an occasional passer-by wouldn’t even have to click on the image to find out.

Tryt0n event

The thing about portraits

While a good, professionally made headshot can serve as an excellent cover for your online event, going a more experimental route with shots that have some movement or plot to them can yield better results. Like this cover of a Merci-Lisa concert:

Another example of an interesting, more dynamic take on a classic portrait cover is this event by DE FEO:

Show snapshot

Another good way to drive up interest in your event with your online show cover image is using a snapshot from your live show. This will provide your audience with a glimpse of what’s to expect from the event and remind them why they love your live shows.

Here’s an example from Jill Stark’s event:

Show off your location

If you are playing a show somewhere nice, it will definitely help to use a snap of the location as your show cover.

Bassoon musician Marco Taraddei played a show on a picturesque terrace in Rome with a view on ancient Roman monuments – The Imperial Fora and Altare della Patria. He made sure his potential audience got a glimpse of what the show’s special location has to offer with a corresponding cover:

Final thoughts

When planning your online show, pay attention to every aspect of the preparations – where and when your show is best to be held, what theme will allow you to show off your art in the best way and entertain the audience the best, what equipment and software you’ll need, what visuals and texts are going to be needed. Take your time taking care of each aspect of the show to attract your fans to a one-of-a-kind experience that they will know immediately that they will love!

And don’t forget to pick the best possible quality for your picture as grainy, unintentionally blurry or out of focus images can deter a large portion of your potential audience.

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