Whether you have your merch already printed up and just pondering over the design, you should consider selling it on Show4me. Let’s look at all the ways you can do that on the platform.

Bundled tickets

NUSSY online concert

Show4me allows you to create up to 10 ticket types for your online or offline concert. You can use some of them to sell admission tickets bundled with your merch – T-shirts, hats, hoodies, posters, mugs, pins, etc.

This is a great opportunity to offer limited edition merch timed with your event.

Music pre-order

Larissa Goretkin album pre-order campaign

Show4me crowdfunding tools allow you to raise money to cover the costs of your upcoming album production. Your fans can contribute to the campaign before you release your work. Once you upload your music, each fan contributing to your campaign gets your music automatically.

Concert pre-order

RIB online concert

Show4me also offers the tools to crowdfund a concert, regardless of whether the show is happening live, online, or is a mixed format (hybrid show where part of the audience shows up in person and the rest watches online). Fans can pre-order tickets, and if the show meets the minimum budget set by the organizer, the event proceeds to confirmation. If not enough tickets sell, all fans who bought tickets get a full automatic refund.

This is a risk-free way for musicians and concert promoters to gauge demand for a particular show and make sure the seats are filled for an event.

This is also a great way to make extra profit through merch sales as the organizer can create up to 10 ticket types, including tickets bundled with various types of merch.

Final roundup

Musicians can sell their merch through these Show4me tools:

  • Bundled concert tickets (admission + merch)
  • Music pre-orders (fans can contribute to an upcoming album and the contribution minimum is set at the price of the album + merch)
  • Concert tickets pre-order (fans pre-order tickets to a show campaign and if enough tickets sell to meet the show budget, the crowdfunded event takes place; fans can pre-order bundled tickets that include admission + merch)

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