Are you playing an online show and want to finally start charging people for your work? Are you looking for a simple tool to monetize your shows without having to look for a sponsor or advertisers?

Promote, ticket, and stream your online show on Show4me.

To start off, you need to create your show page.

Go to your Artist club, open your Campaigns tab and click Create campaign:

Pick the type of event you would like to set up:

Next, fill out the information about your upcoming show: title, artist(s), description, cover art, add music or videos to make your event page a little more fun and enticing.

You can also include event sponsors with logos and links to their website, as well as upload your audio track to the event page to give your fans a reminder of what music they are signing up for!

In the tab Funding and tickets you add your total show budget (which you can calculate with our easy guide in this blog post) and add ticket tiers and prices:

Here it’s important to offer fans enough options to get exactly what they want from your show – many artists on Show4me take advantage of this tool to introduce ticket tiers bundled with merch, song dedications, pre-show access, show afterparties, choosing a song for the show playlist, and more similar creative perks many fans would love to get along with their show ticket.

This will both be fun for your fans and make your show unique and exciting, but additionally increase your monetization options as the higher cost of the bundled tickets will bring in more profit.

After you are done creating your show page, go to the Confirm and schedule tab and start selling your online concert tickets by launching your campaign:

After your submission is approved, it appears on Fans can find it via the direct link you provide them with, in your Artist club under the Campaigns tab, in your Artist club feed as an automatic update post to let all the fans who follow you that you’ve launched a ticketing campaign for an upcoming online show, and the show will also appear in the Online shows section of the Discover page.

Online concert campaign by a Latin-American music band Los Soneros

Ticket will appear to the right of the page on desktop and after your show description on mobile:

On desktop

On mobile


In order to purchase the tickets to your show, you fans need to log in with their Fan account on Show4me (can be created using their email or Facebook) and select the type and amount of ticket(s) they want to get!

To promote your upcoming concert, share the link to the campaign on your social media, send it out as an email newsletter, get some friends, influencers, and media partners on board to shout out your event as well. You can even send out a press release. The more chatter there is about your online show, the better your tickets will sell.

Show4me fees are success-based, which means they are taken out from the total show profit when you withdraw the profits. Here is all the info on the fees.

Final thoughts

Since on Show4me, your online concert ticketing campaign happens on the same page that you will stream your event at and your event becomes part of your Show4me Artist club where fans can subscribe to you, check out your news, comment, listen to and buy your music, watch your video updates, and more, it’s easy to build a community around your art and make selling your tickets just part of the bigger picture.

Try out our tools to find the best way to sell concert tickets online for you!

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