Hey, what’s up? This is Kevin Thrasher from Escape The Fate.

Another thing we can do on this platform − is upload albums. So I click over here to Discography, we’ll add music album. This is where you can add your album and you can even sell it on this platform. We have our album artwork which we’ll do first… Great! Looks perfect-ready. We are an album for sale, and we’ll just do 9.99. The album title is called ‘I am Human’. Our Release will be May 20th, 2019. Our release type will just be a regular release. The genre - will do Rock. Perfect! And then we are entering the record label right here, which is Eleven Seven. And we’ll have a description about the album. Perfect. And then you have to click I have all the licensing rights, consents and permissions of the artist name, song, and titles. So, you just click these two to consent, and you go to next, and upload your tracks. Now we’ve created an album page. It’s very simple and it was all approved. So we’ve got: “I am Human’, Escape The Fate, 2019, LP. You can click here to buy the album, you can preview all the tracks right here very simply. This is basically what it looks like. And then under it, it has related albums so you can check out a few different artists that are the same genre, in the same field as us. So, you are able to share this album with all your friends on their pages, so they can share it with their friends and then, hopefully, you can get a lot of attention on your record and your music. And make some money here. 

You can find more information about music monetization and album uploads in Show4me Help center.