If you are serious about making a living off your music, you already have a mailing list or are building one. Reaching fans organically via your website or social media is not a reliable tool as algorithms and people’s habits change monthly. Relying on ads to promote your albums and shows is costly and inefficient. Building your mailing list, on the other hand, is a way to generate music revenue where it’s much harder to go wrong.

There are only two situations when your mailing list won’t give your conversions in the form of social media engagement, tickets, merch, or albums sold. The first one is getting filtered out by the spam filters – if you email too much and it’s cliche and unengaging so that people delete, unsubscribe, or report spam. The second one is your messages and email subject lines being so dull fans stop opening and reading your emails.

It’s easy to deal with the first challenge – just don’t email a lot. And to help you create the most engaging, entertaining, and exciting emails to your fans announcing your online show, we’ve created this guide, so read on!

1. Start with the basics

Blank page anxiety is not just for writers, if you don’t know where to start with your announcement email, create a rough skeleton for the content you absolutely need to include – the date and time of your event, a quick one-liner on what’s in store for the show (can be just your event title but you can go into a little bit more detail, if you want), and the link to tickets.

✔️ date and time

✔️ title or brief description

✔️ link to tickets

2. Pick your selling point

To create a sense or urgency to buy your show tickets, as well as the FOMO on a must-see event, you need to pick one best thing about your upcoming event and place it front and center in your email. Add a respective image to the email, if you can get it designed for you.

If you have a celebrity guest at your event or your concert is taking place at a picturesque unique location, you have a themed party (say, Thanksgiving or Christmas), or launching a new album, include that information in your email announcement.

Hey, guys,

I’m excited to announce my upcoming live concert featuring none other than Snoop Dogg to happen this Friday at 4 AM UK!!!
Please join me at the show over at Show4me, click here to get your ticket <3.
See you there,

3. “X hours left” email

People don’t open all of their emails and even those who do might not be convinced or inclined to buy their ticket right away. Some might just forget to do it. This means it’s best to email twice or three times (and for longer and bigger campaigns even four times) to get the most out of your mailing list.

One of the ways to schedule your online concert announcement emails can be a teaser email, first full announcement, second full announcement, X hours left.

In your teaser email, just say you are planning something very special. But don’t reveal too much. Either say that you’ve prepared something fun for next month or say you are putting together an online concert sometime soon, but not all things at once – keep your complete who, when, where, and why for your actual announcement.

Your second announcement can be a reminder for those who forgot to get their ticket or if the tickets are going fast, it’s good to let your fans know that they need to hurry if they want to get it.

Your last email can be “just 72/48/24/12 (pick one) hours left” until your show.

4. Come up with a good subject line

Sometimes a good subject line just comes to you, and this is the first thing you start with when creating an email to fans. Other times, the subject line just feels like too much pressure. To come up with a great one, think of the way you normally communicate with your fans on your social media, your website, and during your shows. Try to think of what would be the most exciting part about your upcoming show to fans.

Haven’t played a live show in a while? Maybe your fans will be excited by that news. Fans have been asking for a new album and now you are teasing it in the show? Lead with that. Do you have a special guest, unusual show format, theme or location, are you doing something your fans would love to share with you? Make your subject line about that.

Friday show is with Snoop Dogg! Tickets inside

You can go in the opposite direction and choose a mysterious subject line for your email announcement – one that does not give away the best part of your email but is still intriguing enough to get your fans to click it:

Exciting guest for my Friday show [collision emoji]

5. Send it to yourself

This might seem silly and not better than just plain old editing, but sending your email to yourself can allow you a fresh look at your announcement and help edit the message better.

Final thoughts

To get a chance at being read, your message needs to be short and friendly, so make sure you don’t include your full show description in your email. Add any extended descriptions in your Show4me show campaign where any curious fans will be able to find out your detailed show program, full guest list and all the types of tickets you are offering. Overloading your email invite with information will only make it difficult for your audience to make a decision.

And finally – hold an exclusive email ticket giveaway once in a while. This will add value to being on your email list and drive up interest in your event among everyone reading your messages.

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