There is a variety of challenges when it comes to providing management services. I think the first and main one is gaining the integrity and the confidence to operate in this whole field, you first have to establish yourself as a proper participant in the whole music cycle to a level where other music industry participants will acknowledge you as such because this business is more like a community rather than a typical conventional industry.

Nowadays it is very hard to make sure that the numbers that you generate or the progress that you’ve managed to achieve from the business standpoint is actually organic and sustainable in long term, because nowadays a very big misconception amongst many bands is the fact that they can’t distinguish the difference between popularity and sustainability of their career. 

There are so many artists that are concentrating on generating certain numbers to generate specific exposure, but they don’t see the bigger picture which is that at the end of the day you have to develop convertible product that can meet the requirements of the music industry and at the same time has the potential to establish an emotional connection with the audience. 

There is a big difference between the numbers you can get, between all the statistics you can generate and the actual factors that actually improve your career.

I believe this is the main challenge that should to be mainly acknowledged as such and every artist should work towards properly understanding.

Shows are called shows because they bring this level of exclusivity to the people who attend them. That’s why they are so important and that’s why everything start with attention to detail in terms of live performance. 

Other than that, it’s very important for every artist, regardless of the stage of their career, to make sure that they take advantage of every proper opportunity for growth in terms of playing live-shows, there is no show too small for an up and coming artist.

You have to find your own unique selling point to make sure that you are providing something different something new, something unique in comparison with all of your competitors in this field.

And once you have this innovative mental approach to what you do, this is where the results will come as well.

It’s all about this strive for greatness, strive for success, the constant desire for improvement that is needed to reach the result of what you are meant to be.