Limited Beta version of Show4me Music Interaction Network was opened to the artists on March 11, 2019 prior to the official release of the network in April 2019. It’s a one-time opportunity for indie artists to be the first to create a professional music business account – Artist Club and upload their music there. By doing so, musicians will prepare for promoting their art to their fans after the network is officially released to the public.

Artist clubs are equipped with various digital tools and features. DIY and indie artists can use them to create their own interactive music communities with their fans in a single music-related network and organize concerts and new releases with the financial support of their true fans from all over the world. Artist Club is the artist’s doorway to success in the music industry - fame and real music-related revenue.

“The purpose of pre-launch is to give musicians a taste of the Show4me interactive experience and surf all essential tools that Artist Club offers. It’s time for them to learn how to run a successful music business in a brand-new way or how to level up their already existing music careers. Whatever the goal is, Show4me is here for every artist to make it happen!” said Karėn Chiftalaryan, Show4me Founder.


Now artists have a single all-in-one music network, where only one professional business account is needed to:

  • Build and promote their music brand and get a decent income from a full-time job as a musician. 
  • Take your music career to a new level with Show4me ready-to-use music career action plan.
  • Benefit from a zero-loss and risk-free technology to organize various types of shows and sell music through advanced music & concert crowdfunding model.
  • Get real income from your music by subscribing your fans to Show4me 1$ annual subscription.
  • Know your real audience and their preferences with Show4me detailed statistics.
  • Get the risk-free and zero-loss way to build a profitable music business without ever facing low income, unpredictable ticket sales, empty concert halls, canceled shows, lost creative freedom, etc.

Artists that have created the Artist Clubs at Show4me are already enjoying the benefits of Show4me Music Interaction Network being one step closer to having the creative lifestyle and freedom to make a living from what they enjoy most- creating music.

Want to be one of them? Create your Artists Club now at