Los Soneros is a UK-based Latin-American band that consists of guitarist Victor Garcia and vocalist Natalia Pelaez. Victor founded Los Soneros back in 1989 when he moved countries from Mexico to the UK. Natalia joined the band in 2006, upon her arrival to the UK from Colombia. Both artists have had successful music careers back in their home countries and are now spreading their native Latin-American sound on a new continent. The band has gained recognition playing at high-profile venues and events, like House of Lords, Tequila Cuervo launch, pre-BAFTA dinner, and more.

Los Soneros plays a variety of Latin music, including Cuban songs, Bolero, Mexican Mariachi, classic Latin instrumental songs, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, and Rumba. Check out their music in their Artist club here.

The band has already streamed a show on Show4me last month and have just launched their second ticketed online concert! (The show will take place on July 4th, you can still grab your ticket here!)

Hi, guys, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! We love your music and skillful delivery! Congratulations on your very first online show, the June 20 livestream on Show4me! How was the whole experience for you? Did you enjoy playing for an online audience? What were the biggest challenges and what did you like about the format?

Natalia: Hi, thank you very much for this interview. The whole experience of our first online show was quite exciting, it is something we had never considered before as we are all the time (pre-pandemic) performing live. Once we decided to do it, we started planning everything along with my partner who is a cameraman and is the one in charge of the streaming and the technical stuff.

We got to play for many followers who don’t live in London anymore and family back in our countries. – Natalia Pelaez

Being three perfectionists helps as we wanted it to be the best but in my case I got quite stressed with all the online world and trying to learn all this with two toddlers and turning my living room into a studio was quite a challenge, but it was worth it! The show was sensational, everybody loved it. We worked really hard producing it and it paid off. We also had the opportunity to play again for many followers who don’t live in London anymore and some of our family members back in our countries, it was an amazing experience.

What’s your take on the online livestream shows overall – do you see it as a temporary fix, a viable alternative to live shows, or a phenomenon on its own that shouldn’t be compared to live, face-to-face shows?

Natalia: I think there’s no comparison to playing live face-to-face and getting nurtured by people’s reaction to your performance, their applause and energy. However, these online live stream shows are a great opportunity to reach other audiences, keep in touch with our followers and get closer to them. This is definitely something we want to carry on doing by the side of our [live] shows.

Do you engage with your fans online a lot? What’s your experience with these interactions? Do you think fans walk away satisfied? Do you learn something new from the communication?

Natalia: There is a lot we need to learn about the online world, we weren’t used to engaging that much with our fans on the internet, so it’s something we’ve just started doing. We’ve had a great response so far, although we have a long path to go. We are giving our best and the results are showing.

You mostly play already released songs but are currently working on your own tracks – are you planning on releasing an album or EP with your original music in 2020?

Victor: It could be interesting to see people’s reaction to our original songs, but as we are really focused on the music we play and leave the best impression, our own material is still work in progress, we think we may release one song at a time and there’s a big chance we start this year.

Can you tell us something about your upcoming music – what’s it about? What inspires you? What are the genres of the tracks?

Natalia: The single we are working on is inspired by Mexico and its beauty, it is powerful and varied as it has different emblematic rhythms and has a message that will touch the hearts of Mexicans and immigrants living abroad.

How has the pandemic affected your plans with your shows and music? Was it difficult to stay creative or, on the contrary, did you find more time for writing and rehearsing music?

Victor: For me, the pandemic has given me plenty of time to rehearse and learn but economically has been a little bit hard.

Natalia: We had a big amount of bookings postponed for the next year or even cancelled. For me rehearsing hasn’t been easy, I have my two daughters at home and also have to spent a lot of time learning all this new streaming world and getting active on social media (which I wasn’t used to), but I always try to find the time to practice.

Los Soneros, or the soneros, is the name given to singers who perform the so-called son music, a popular Latin music genre. Victor, can you tell our readers more about its origins and sound, why did you pick this specific direction, apart from it being popular in Mexico?

Victor: I chose the name Los Soneros because the word “Son” encompasses the three main influences of our music, the Hispanic, the African and the native American, and the name “sonero” means the Son player/maker.

Can you please tell our readers they will see and hear in your upcoming online concert on July 4th, 2020?

Victor: We have been playing together for over 13 years and we spent plenty of time rehearsing and learning every day more and more so we have a huge repertoire. We prefer to surprise you in every show, but be sure that it’s going to be great fun, fans can interact live with us and it will be a display of amazing skills.

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to answer!

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