When it comes to making a living as an artist in music, creating music has always been just part of the journey. Setting up revenue streams off music, shows, merch, appearances, or partnerships takes quite some effort as well. As the global coronavirus pandemic has forced governments to close down shows across the globe and limit in-person interaction as much as possible, musicians everywhere have been suffering losses from show cancellations and refunds.

New reality means looking for new ways to create revenue streams off your music, and we have developed this guide on using Show4me to do just that.

Your Show4me Artist club

Your Show4me Artist club is your space to run all of your music activities in a single place:

  • Nurture your fanbase
  • Develop your music brand
  • Share updates
  • Monetize your music through album sales or music listens as premium Artist club members
  • Attract funding to your events (can be online events or events with an open date) and albums
  • Offer fans paid rewards, like merch, tutoring sessions, personalized messages, shoutouts

Your Show4me Artist club is a space where you can share your brand and your music, interact with fans and provide them with fun content, source funding for your albums and shows (think live streaming) via Show4me crowdfunding toolset.

Your Artist club also doubles as your music portfolio with your albums and shows, as well as fans and listens, listed publicly for business partners, labels, and sponsors to see.

Free and premium Artist club subscribers

Your fans can join your Show4me Artist club for free or pay $1 for a year of premium membership, which allows unlimited listening to the music in your Artist club.

$1 is what your fans pay to support you.

Likely, this is the price a large chunk of your audience will be able to pay to support your art and enjoy your music.

This way, you are able to turn your subscribers into real contributors to your music, creating a valuable annual revenue stream. The small price of $1 will still allow you to differentiate between those who can and will to support your music financially and those who don't.

Music fund sourcing

Even if you are one of the newly emerging bedroom musicians – creating and recording music from the comfort of their own home, it is likely that you still need funding to improve the quality of your music.

Be it new equipment or music courses or mentorship, or paying a music producer to arrange and produce your album, single or EP, you could run a crowdfunding campaign and ask your followers to contribute.

The fun part is this – although you can set the minimum contribution to your upcoming album (as little as $1/€1/£1, actually), your fans and supporters can choose to contribute more.

While you can’t offer various rewards like you can with concert crowdfunding ticket preorder (see below), you do have the option of describing your additional perk options available for bigger donors in your music crowdfunding campaign description.

Anyone contributing to your campaign over a minimum amount gets merch, tutoring sessions, social media shoutout or other perks, in addition to the actual album that you are crowdfunding and will release with the funds.

List specific numbers corresponding each option:

Concert fund sourcing

With concert crowdfunding, the process is even simpler.

With Show4me, you can start ticket pre-sale to a concert that’s not even in production yet.

Start your concert crowdfunding campaign with an open date and hold your show when the quarantine is over and it’s safe to get together again! Or, alternatively, crowdfund a live-streamed show.

Once your show minimum budget is met, you can withdraw your break-even transfer and fund the show production, as the remaining tickets keep getting bought by fans.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

For shows (as of right now, in most regions across the globe, you will obviously have to stick to online events, like concert live streams, master classes, tutoring sessions, and the like), you can set a wide variety of ticket types that your fans can buy. Besides the basic tickets to just your event, you can create bundles of ticket + merch, ticket + online lesson, ticket + shoutout/follow on your social media, etc.

Offer options.

Some fans will only want to participate in a show and that’s it.

Other fans will like to pay a little more and get cool merch or a follow.

The road ahead

As you are expanding the audience of your Artist club and amassing revenues from music sales, premium memberships, and crowdfunding efforts for new music and shows (live-streamed for now), you should understand that your work has cumulative effect.

Your 100 fans today can turn into 200 after one crowdfundштп campaignб and 300 after the next. People at your shows, casual listeners and subscribers – they all are your potential supporters and can help you build both a great online portfolio of music work and sales and get paid for the music that you create and play.

Ticket and stream your dream live show:

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