Show4me is getting a major update! We’ve redesigned our platform to make it more user-friendly and intuitive to navigate, added new features to make your experience with Show4me smoother, and developed a mobile app for fans to listen to music, browse content from their favorite musicians, and watch online concerts.

Let’s take a closer look at all the features now available on Show4me.


Now fans can easily discover new music on Show4me by going to the Charts section and browsing the featured releases.

Show4me team will feature select tracks in Top 12 Albums, Top 12 Tracks, and Top 12 Genre (rotated out every week, featuring various genres from pop to rock to metal and hip-hop).


Show4me app is now available in AppStore and Google Play for fans to download, install, and enjoy the music content from their favorite musicians. In the app, fans get a smooth experience – from listening to music to consuming content from the artists they subscribed to to watching online shows. Musicians can use the app for selling tickets and music, interacting with fans, sharing content, and streaming live concerts online. No ads. No distractions.

Get Show4me app from AppStore or Google Play

Tipping expands to Artistclub subscriptions

Previously, fans could type in a higher price when buying an album, EP, or single from a musician or band on Show4me, and now Show4me expands this tipping functionality to Artistclub $1/year premium subscriptions.

Now fans can pay $1 for a year of unlimited listening of all the music in the Artistclub they are subscribing to along with ability to DM the artist or they can type in a higher price manually to support the artist with a higher contribution.

Closed online streams

Additionally, we are introducing an update to the popular feature of ticketed livestream concerts. Now you can not only stream your music concerts online, but offer closed/private online concerts streams. We’ve also added functionality for fans to add comments during the show.

More interaction

To make it easier for you to connect with your fans, we are expanding interaction functionality to now allow user tagging in the bodies of feed posts and comments. We are also adding live comments to your livestreams to enable you to connect with online concert audience better!

New monetization functionality

To help fans support your event during your live, we've also added the Support artist button at the top of your video stream to link to your show tickets and encourage fans to contribute.


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