Bad Skin is an all-female punk rock band from Montreal, Canada. The band has 4 members: Dope (lead vocalist + guitar), Cloee M (guitar + backing vocals), Lea D (bass + guitar), and Caro (drums). They came together in the Montreal music scene in 2014 to relive the punk rock era and rebel against societal norms and pressure to be perfect. The band believe individuality is best achieved by being true to yourself and strive to project feminist ideals.

Bad Skin’s discography includes 2016 EP 'Riot Girl' and punk album Pussy Power (2017). We talked to half of the band about their plans for the future, tips to promote music, and challenges of standing out in the crowd.

Caro: I am Caro.

Dope: And I am Dope.

Caro: And we are from the band Bad Skin.

Dope: We’ve been doing this for 3 years actually, yes. We are an all-girl rock band, based in Montreal.

Caro: We are pretty known in Canada, but right now we want to expand our fanbase and really to go international now.

It’s really to do some promotion all the time. Like, even when you walk outside – have some flyers with you and just pass it to people as maximum as you can. That’s how you promote your business.

Dope: Also, with all the social medias, you have to push a lot of the social medias, because the younger generation, even the older generation are in Instagram and all those media, so it’s really important to always put stuff, put pictures and make your fanbase into a team.

In the past years, it was actually at the shows that you connected with your public. Now it’s easier because you have all the Instagram and all the Facebook, and all those things. So I think it’s pretty easier, but you have to push a lot, because there are a lot of people doing this.

You have to make it original, you have to stand out, and I think it’s easier.

Caro: And since, like, now the fans can really send a message through Facebook or Instagram, it’s really easy for them to get in touch with their favourite artists. And sometimes they can tell us stories and we can transform them into songs, so they really feel connected that way, so it’s really cool.

Dope: We are working on our new EP and a new album, and we are doing videos and you really have to stay tuned to follow us, because we do a lot of things! So yeah, and we have albums on digital stores and videos also.

Hopefully, you have to pay less money to be promoted. I think maybe that’s gonna change and maybe the artists are gonna have more money and more access directly to money. I think that’s gonna change.