Cussy Nicodemo is a Canadian musician and songwriter, who has two gold records for his hits La Vita and Disco Kings, released during his time as the frontman of the Fussy Cussy band in the 1970s. Cussy has since founded Dance Plant Records and continues to write, produce and record his own music, as well as help produce tracks for his clients.

Cussy shares his rich experience in the music industry, his tips on promoting music and why playing live concerts and gigs is the most reliable way to earn money as a musician and let the audiences know you are out there.

My name is Cussy Nicodemo from Dance Plant Records.

I am a record owner at Dance Plant Records, and it’s been about 35 years [that] the record label has been there. And I’ve been coming to Midem for about 35 years, that’s how long it is.

We are a production house, we have a band catalogue, we produce new artists. We are getting into the new world of this digital thing that’s been going on, and that’s what we’ve been doing for a long time.

It’s all branding – you’ve got to go out there. It’s so different from the school that I come from. Actually, I’m even learning myself what’s going on because of all the new technology with the Instagram, and the Facebooks, and blah blah blah. There are so many.

As I’ve said, I come from the old-school, so it’s important that they follow whatever’s going on. I am still coming to Midem, and I am bringing new artists here that are, like, 20 years old, 18 years old, to learn how the business is.

Branding is the most important thing. If they don’t do any concerts, you are not gonna get sales.

Because today everybody can be on YouTube in two minutes, everybody can get a digital distributing everywhere – it doesn’t mean it’s gonna sell. You can be all over the world, it doesn’t mean you going to sell.

The only way you’re going to sell is touring. If you don’t tour and play, and get a fanbase, nothing is going to happen. The bands, they gotta go out and perform; otherwise, you get all the same things, so all the distributors are all the same – because you end up on all the same platforms.

You got to play, unless you are lucky and you got a huge hit or, you know, something happens that is extraordinary. Otherwise, how are people gonna know who you are?

Actually, what you guys are doing, I think it’s really good, because we are distributing worldwide, I got it still a bit old-school, but the way the other guy – Alex was his name? – the way he introduced himself and explained what you guys do, it’s very interesting. That’s another step of the future, so, you guys, it’s starting to get to another level.

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