Musicians and bands, rejoice! You can now sell tickets to your online shows and host them in your Show4me Artist clubs! More good news? We’ve given up our fees to help you get full fan contributions to your shows and music in these trying times.

The lockdowns across the globe to help fight the ongoing pandemic are taking their toll on the music business as many musicians, bands, and crew are left without their usual sources of income for the time being. This can be a tough break for those relying on their music income.

While there are a number of ways to earn money off your music on Show4me, we’ve developed one more.

Introducing – online concerts on Show4me.

You can now launch your online concert ticket sale on Show4me and stream it from the show page on the set date!

Your fans can preorder tickets before your Confirmation point is met for the show. After the show reaches Confirmation point with enough tickets preordered, you confirm the show and allow other fans to buy their tickets for the guaranteed show.

Shows not reaching the Confirmation point get automatically refunded, so fans who preorder their ticket do so without any risk.

To watch the show, fans go to your campaign page following the campaign link page we email them automatically once the show is confirmed. The link is also available in their profile ticket stash, which is available in the Pledges tab.

Sounds like something you want to do?

Create the perfect campaign description using our tips or apply to get free support from our excellent Support team – just drop us a line to [email protected] or open the chat right now by clicking this icon at the bottom right side of the page:

Once you create your campaign, fans with premium subscription to your Artist club (at $1/year) can access the campaign and preorder their tickets. The rest of your fans can access the page via unique code that you can provide them with:

To make the best out of your show, we recommend including several types of tickets that are package deals and include perks like tutoring sessions, merch, shoutouts on social media, etc.

Ticket and stream your dream live show:

Create your show