This week, our end of the week schedule is full of rich indie flavor – folk, alternative, soft rock, and the magnetic sounds of guitar. Tune in this weekend to experience rock, indie folk, neo classical progressive music interpreted on a guitar by musicians holding their online concerts on Show4me.

Browse the shows down below and pick the ones to add into your end of the week schedule!

August 7, Friday

Mihir Phukan “A Tribute to Guitar Gods 2020”

India’s top neo classical progressive solo guitarist Mihir Phukan plays neo classical and rock fusion instrumentals.

Starts: 7 PM IST. Tickets: $5 and up

Check out Mihir Phukan WIZARD CROSSING’s Artist club here.

Highway to Rock

Indian pop rock songwriter and Bass Clef vocalist Saira sings beloved rock hits from the 70s and the 80s.

Starts: 7 PM IST. Tickets: $3 and up

Check out Saira’s Artist club here.

August 8, Saturday

Musa Zwane Music Solo Performance

South African guitarist Musa Zwane plays his first online show featuring solos in the genres of soft rock, soul, and southern rock.

Starts: 1 PM GMT+2. Tickets: $2 and up

Check out Musa Zwane’s Artist club here.


DJ, sound designer and visual artist DE FEO transports you into a different dimension with his electronic, IDM, experimental techno tracks.

Starts: 5 PM GMT+2. Tickets: €3 and up

Check out DE FEO’s Artist club here.

Made in Britain

Brazilian alternative indie folk singer/songwriter Larissa Goretkin presents a fine selection of covers of the songs by some of the top UK bands.

Starts: 8 PM GMT+1. Tickets: €1 and up

Check out Larissa Goretkin’s Artist club here.

If you are here, you have something to sing

Spanish singer Amaya Espíndola plays alternative country music with hints of indie folk and pop mixed in. Featuring – Gerardo Amorin (12-string guitar).

Starts: 7 PM GMT+2. Tickets: $2 and up

Check out Amaya Espindola’s Artist club here.

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