Sometimes the pressure to name your next album or even single is just too high and you end up completely stuck and all out of ideas. While a soulless name generator cannot replace your creative genius while naming your projects, it can provide you with a new perspective and sparkle ideas you might not have had on your own.

We’ve explored a variety of name generators out there and are reporting back with the results.

Name Generator

Name Generator is a UK service to generate the name of your potential band (feel free to use the suggestions to name a single or an upcoming album). To try it out, we filled out a list of questions, including fields like a group of people, color, and body parts.

Among other things, the generator asked the genre of the band which we chose to be EDM and alternative. As a result, we got a few dozens of suggestions and a bonus – a list of song names the band would be likely to produce.

Best suggestion: Rolly Eats the Tab

Band Name Maker

In Band Name Maker, you don't even need to enter any keywords or select result options – it can generate the names just through hitting the Generate Band Names button. For more specific results, fill out the optional keyword field, choose your music genre, and the style of the results. You can also see the most recent suggestions, popular words, or browse band names by style.

To try out this service, we’ve entered a keyword Josephine, chose the genre of hip-hop, and added a category of Acronyms.

Best suggestion: I Philip

Music Gateway

Music Gateway provides you with eight name options after you enter your desired keyword. You generate again with a new keyword or the same one to get more options or get more suggestions sent to an email inbox.

While the tool is very simple to use and we kept entering more keywords to generate more band names, it’s more random than the previous two and with the limited output of eight band names each time makes it less convenient.

Best suggestion: The Forest Disease

Business Name Ideas & Generator

This tool offers industry filters (we used music and art), character count control for your output ideas, choice between one- and two-word options, and even rhyming. The service generates hundreds of ideas according to your filter settings and to check domain availability for any of the names, you only need to click on it.

Best suggestion: Databaseonus

Zing Band Name Generator

The generator provides relevant band name suggestions after you enter a keyword or several and select your desired genre out of the available options of jazz, rock, hip-hop, classical, reggae, funk/soul, pop, electronic, Latin.

Provided suggestions seemed a bit generic, although after a few tries we did get a better feel of the tool and were able to figure out what works. We did find the genre selection to not be very helpful as pop returned us kinda indie results and electronic felt more like jazz.

Best suggestion: The Nothing Red

Fantasy Name Generators

Fantasy Name Generators have been around for a while and if you’ve ever tried to generate any kind of name or title, you might have tried them before. Hospital names, law enforcement agencies names, character names, boxer names, dungeon descriptions, Harry Potter store names – these don’t even scratch the surface of the options on the platform.

To generate band names, go to the band name generator and hit the Get band names button to get random suggestions. To get more, just hit the button again.

Best suggestion: Knights of Modesty

Indiesound Band Name Generator

The service allows you to generate band name suggestions both with keywords and randomly. It returns 18 suggestions at a time and to load new results you only need to click Generate band names button without having to change your keywords or enter one at all. Click until satisfied)

Best suggestion: The Well Preludes

Metal Band Name Generator

The tool generates names for metal bands only and users have the option to enter the number of return results they want to get (the default is 10). There’s also a filter to include “non-evil” words into the mix to widen the net.

Best suggestion: Nordic Primordial

Synthwave Band Name Generator

Even if you are not making synthwave music, you have to try this generator as it provides a preview of the suggested band name in bright neon-backlit headline font to help you envision your future show posters and flyers.

While the suggestions are genre-specific, we believe you can still put this tool to good use!

Best suggestion: Hackers & Lightning

Rocklou Band Name Generator

Another tool to provide you with a visual for your future band name – this generator suggests a band name and a single name and offers a preview of how they might look on a cover.

Best suggestion: Lavender Kaleidoscope – Robots

Wordlab Band Name Generator

This tool is a simple single-line generator where you only need to press Get name? button to get infinite suggestions. And while we did get a few cool ideas for the names, the tool’s introductory sentence “You thought all the good band names were taken? Think again.” actually gave us the best idea of them all – All The Good Names Are Taken.

Best suggestion: Tostada Mondata

Song Name Generator

The service provides you with song titles for your creations based on your selection of song mood and genre. You get chunks of 20 suggestions and can either click Next for more names for the same settings or restart the generator with new parameters.

Best suggestion: Riotous Horizon

Cool Generator’s Album Name Generator

The tool generates potential album names without any prompts. The phrases and word combinations can sometimes be random but no less usable as an album title inspiration if you are completely stuck.

Best suggestion: No History

Heavy Metal Name Generator

This generator provides you with a complete picture – it generates album, song, and band name suggestions all in one go. Just click Generate new album to get another suggestion.

Best suggestion: Fugitive Of Vengeance

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