Sourabh Joshi is a singer and songwriter from India, famous for his appearance in season 8 of MTV Unplugged as well as his songs featured in hit films Haider (2014) and Aamhi Befikar (2019). He has worked with such industry legends as Rekha Bhardwaj, Madhushree, Salim Sulaiman, Akriti Kakkar, and many more. Sourabh began his journey singing and composing own originals in 2016 with Bheege Hum.

Sourabh Joshi has just joined Show4me this month and has already set up his online quarantine show for July 25. We’ve connected with Sourabh to talk about his music, career, the impact of the global pandemic on his creative process and work projects, as well as his plans for the future, including the upcoming concert!

Hi, Sourabh, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. We are happy to have you on Show4me, can you tell us what attracted you to our platform and what do you like the most about it so far?

Hello, thanks for having me on board. It’s a sheer pleasure to be associated with you guys. As we all know the world is going through a tough time and I like the fact that you guys are dealing with musicians from all across the globe so nicely. I didn’t have to worry about anything related to the managing part, I can focus on my performance. Best thing is I can connect to the musicians, artists, fans all over the world through Show4me.

Ah, thank you so much! We are thrilled to have you. Your music is very inspired and beautiful. Can you share with us what inspires you to create music? How do you pick songs to cover and topics and subjects for your original work? What is your creative process like?

Music in itself is inspirational. For me solitude is the one & only thing which inspires me the most. Whatever thoughts & tunes come to me I record on the phone and T work on that later. For me whatever work I do either ‘Cover’ or ‘Original’ the first thing is ‘Lyrics’ should be meaningful and appealing. I am so lucky to have a partner (Pinky Poonawala) in my life who is a lyricist. So I compose & she writes that’s how mutually we have created our own world of songs.

That sounds lovely) Has the ongoing pandemic affected your process and the kind of music you create?

The whole world has been affected by this pandemic. We can’t go out to the studios, We can’t call musicians for recordings, We can’t do live concerts. But this pandemic gave us enough time to introspect and think about that what we really want in our life. Everyone is working from their home setup now because the future is unclear till this pandemic gets over. The best thing that has happened to me is I have learnt a lot of new things like recording myself at home, how to set up the microphone, Audio programming, etc. A blessing in disguise. Composing hasn’t stopped. I am working on a lot of new projects which I will be releasing soon.

You’ve collabed with a lot of famous names and such a collab was the way you got onto the scene in the first place. Can you share with our readers, who are also musicians and industry professionals, what you value most in your collaborations and what you took with you on your further music journey from them?

I am so, so grateful that I have collaborated & worked with a lot of amazing musicians & legendary artists. For me, working with artists who are senior then you or more experienced than you is always going to be helpful. It helps you grow, and I have grown a lot in their shade. You learn from each artist. What I take is hard work, dedication, belief & perseverance.

You’ve built quite the fanbase so far. Can you share with our readers a few tips on building and maintaining a fanbase?

Actually I had never thought about building a fanbase or something, it all happened. I have always believed and I say also to my friends and colleagues that ‘you have only one life. Do what you love, not like. Be true to yourself, people will follow you’. In terms of social media and as we work in the music industry, find a mutual path which you love to do and people love you for doing it.

That makes sense! We are happy your people have found you. Let’s now try to take a look into the future a bit – technology and new inventions have been changing the world very fast. Right now it’s probably not that crazy to anticipate driverless cars, free superfast internet globally, universal basic income, and maybe even hologram artists performing an online concert in your living room in just a few years. Which innovations are you most fascinated by for the music industry and what technology is helping your career right now?

Technology has changed a lot of things. Everything has its pros and cons. What fascinated me in this pandemic is that I’m collaborating with a lot of musicians and artists by just sitting at home. Artists are performing live from their homes and keeping their fans entertained, like how Show4me is helping a lot of artists through their platform & by the way what you said about hologram artists performing an online concert in your living room is the most exciting thing for me but it can never replace the actual live experience & human connection.

There’s so much music nowadays, available on so many platforms, what music, genre, or subgenre would you like to direct our readers’ attention to? What do you think is being criminally overlooked?

I have always said and believed that independent music & musicians have been overlooked in India. Film music or Bollywood music gets promotion on higher levels. We should also promote our local musicians & independent musicians on the same level.

A lot of beginner musicians struggle to find their place in the music industry, what would be your advice on picking the style of music to create and searching for an audience for it?

Finding your own style is also a very difficult process. When you find your style which suits you and music best. You follow that path. And give your best in that. If you are true to your art & give enough time to it you’ll automatically get your audience & they will surely love your music. Sometimes it comes easily and sometimes it takes years but it will happen one day. I Believe little bit of that magical luck plays a role too.

What would you say was the best thing you’ve done for your music career in the last ten years?

The best thing which happened to me in these last ten years is that I have always dreamt of performing on a stage like MTV Unplugged, and I did, I sang. It was a dream come true.

And finally, we have to ask for some insider information on your upcoming quarantine concert on Show4me – what can you tease our readers about the show that they haven’t heard yet?

I am so happy for this first concert on Show4me. I’ll be performing all Bollywood and non-Bollywood Classic Romantic songs as well as my original songs. And for the first time for all my viewers on this show I’ll be performing my upcoming original which is not released yet. So that’s a surprise.

Sourabh, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these and all your insightful responses! We can’t wait to attend your show on July 25 and are looking forward to what you have in stock for fans in the future in your Artist club.

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