UK Afrobeats, Reggaeton, and R&B artist T Brixson opens preorder for his debut album Shades of Me on Show4me. The album is set to premiere on October 10, 2020, but will become available to fans on Show4me three days earlier, on October 7.

The London musician has already teased his new music in two of his online concerts on Show4me: Shades of Me on June 19 and You Know Me on August 27.

Shades of Me album is the result of T Brixson’s work during the lockdown. “The past six months of lockdown, during the peak of the global pandemic, and also going through a bad break-up, I was able to channel my negative emotions and low state into some positive vibes and energy,” shares the musician. “I’m so glad to share my debut album with you!”

And positive vibes it delivers. Its syropy, excellently produced and delivered club music is tailor-made for dancing and chilling without a hint of sour.

The album combines a range of genres from Afrobeats to Latin, and its standout track is without doubt Hola Mira. The gem is hidden in the middle of the list but it immediately stands out with its solid rhythm, catchy beat, and a masterful combination of music influences. The track is guaranteed to get you on your feet dancing and definitely worth a few back-to-back relistens.

Overall, T Brixson’s debut is a markedly skilled combination of R&B and house sound, peppered with Afrobeats, Latin, and Reggaeton influences. Industry expert, LANDR Audio’s Mike Hand describes the new T Brixson music as “super smooth, incredibly dancy, and really well produced”.

The lyrics on Shades of Me fit right in with the stripped down club sound – the type of sugary chit chat every guy at the club is spewing to try and seduce the prey they just met. The vibe does not escape the artist himself as T Brixson sings in self-aware July, “Baby, I know it’s only a couple of days since we started talking.”

To contrast the rest of the release, closing song You Know Me offers a twist on the rest of the tracks with an attempt of a decidedly more pop sound. The track swiftly segways from the club vibe into an almost arena-filling anthem which powerful swell at the bridge adds a strong final note providing a lingering emotional aftertaste from the album.

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T Brixson is a singer/songwriter and recording independent artist from London, UK. T Brixson’s music spans cultures and genres from Afrobeats to Latin and House. The artist’s latest single Te Gusta is a club banger, an uplifting pop song with strong Latin undertones and a Reggaeton vibe polished with hints of electronic sound and a melodious vocal. Te Gusta translates to “you like” and is a perfect timeless summer tune for all ages.

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