On September 12, 2019, Show4me participated in the Ideas Exchange night held by the UK non-profit Association of Independent Music at the Digital Catapult hub in London. We talked to the guests of the event about how our interaction network can help artists monetize music, interact with fans and run their music career in a streamlined, simple manner.

Top UK indie labels attended our presentation, including Mute, Hospital Records, Lucky Number, Domino, Eleven Seven, Warp, and Ninja Tune. We are thankful to AIM for hosting us and to our guests for coming to our presentation and engaging in the discussion! 

Let’s recap the night.

We started our showcase with Show4me innovative Artist club concept. Artist club is designed to help musicians and bands engage and unite their fanbase in a single space, where they interact in a meaningful, fruitful way, helping musicians grow, get inspired, receive feedback and monetize their art, while fans get to be a part of this exciting process.

Show4me Artist club offers free and premium annual membership, the latter costing each fan only a dollar per artist. This allows all profits from joining the club (and streaming the music an artist added to their premium package) to go directly to the artist that any given fan is subscribing to. That provides an opportunity of up to 300x higher profitability than the streaming services.

We walked our audience through the Artist club concept using the example of Escape the Fate’s Artist club on our platform. You can check it out here.

Escape the Fate is a popular American band that plays post-hardcore, hard rock, and metalcore music and charted on the Billboard 200.


Watch Escape the Fate’s lead guitarist Kevin Thrasher explaining how to create and run your Show4me Artist club here. And while you are at it, take a look at Kevin’s brief explainer on crowdfunding concerts using Show4me tools here.

Incidentally, concert crowdfunding was the second set of Show4me tools that we presented to our guests at the Ideas Exchange by AIM.

Raising funds for your concert is difficult, and their lack may severely limit the number and geography of the shows/tours you can hold. Show4me offers a comprehensive set of tools for smooth concert crowdfunding – from the initial planning stage down to our very own ticket scanner app for iOS and Android. This means an artist can host more shows and go on international tours, which means earning more.

During our talk, we explained how musicians and bands can use Show4me to crowdfund an event with an open date, turning raising funds into a game instead of a gruelling effort with a set deadline.

Another cool tool we mentioned were the three types of shows artists can crowdfund in Show4me – an intimate concert for small audiences (from 10 people), a private event (access via code or Artist club), and a show (large event). This range in the scale of the crowdfunded event lowers the threshold for entry to the concert crowdfunding market, and smaller acts that have less experience also get a chance to set up shows for their smaller groups of fans.

The questions we took from the audience concerned the topics of live streaming and content licensing.

AIM is a not-for-profit trade body exclusively representing UK's independent music sector, which makes up a quarter of the recorded music market. Now in its 20th year, AIM includes members who range from the largest record labels in the world to self-releasing artists and music entrepreneurs.

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