Meet Show4me's pick of this month's artists to watch – Afro-fusion Shopé, rapper Ric Flo, and Latino pop rocker Charly Benavente.

Not only do these talented musicians create exceptional music and perform it equally as skillfully, they have also managed to make a name for themselves in their communities.

Meet the three artists we want you to know.


Shopé is an Afro-fusion musician from Lagos. Having migrated to Toronto, Shopé skillfully blends Nigerian Afrobeats with North American hip-hop and R&B. His Afro-fusion tracks are an infectious mix of rhythm and melody that is bold and confident while remaining honest and vulnerable.

Shopé has toured across Canada, USA, Europe and Africa and performed at CBC Music Festival, SXSW, and Canadian Music Week.

In 2019, Shopé became the winner of CBC Searchlight and completed an artist-in-residency program at the National Music Centre in Studio Bell.

Shopé skillfully blends Nigerian Afrobeats with North American hip-hop and R&B

Shopé will be a guest at Show4me Friday Livestream on Instagram on July 10, 2020, so we asked him what the viewed tuning in on Friday can expect from the event:

“Expect to hear some really unique and amazing music. Also expect to just have fun.

“Right now, the world is in a really heavy place and there are heavy conversations happening. This is very good and necessary. But sometimes we need a little break to have fun and feel good, so that we can go back out there to fight the good fight. So I wanna make this show fun, easy going and exciting.”

Listen to Shopé’s tracks:


Ric Flo

Ric Flo is a UK rapper, one third of the hip-hop collective Jungle Brown. Ric creates both within his solo project, inspired by his foster childhood, and for the Jungle Brown.

In 2016, Jungle Brown premiered their first album Flight 314 that became a strong success and landed the collective industry recognition and gigs at shows and music festivals.

Ric Flo released his debut solo project A Boy Called Ric two years earlier. The self-titled 9-track album offers an introspective journey of Ric's life in foster care.

The rapper’s 2020 EP Rise Of The Phoenix showcases Ric’s versatility and effortless flow

The rapper’s 2020 EP Rise Of The Phoenix debuted at #35 on the iTunes UK Hip-Hop/Rap charts. The release showcases Ric’s versatility and effortless flow. We asked Ric to share which song stands out most on the record:

“Each song is like a baby, it’s not fair to the others to have a favourite song ;) I love them all for different reasons. But... I would say based on the response of having the project out for six months now, Fam resonates the most with fans, which has sort of determined me to do more personal songs and follow the route of more jazz sampled breaks. Also it’s the most poetic on project.

Putting this project out has influenced my next step – get ready for the Rebirth of the Phoenix!”

Listen to Ric’s music:


Charly Benavente

Charly Benavente is most known for his stint at The Voice Chile where he became one of the finalists back in 2015. In addition to his impeccable vocal skills, Charly plays acoustic guitar and harmonica.

The Chilean musician creates alternative and rock Latino sound, indie folk and pop latino music.

Since the release of his debut EP Las Fotos de Ayer in 2014, Charly has gone a long way. Beside his The Voice success, Charly got nominated for two 2018 Ceres Awards for the best album and best music video, joined FIIS festival in Santiago and REC rock fest in Conception, released an album, and is gearing up for his second LP release.

Charly Benavente creates alternative and rock Latino sound, indie folk and pop latino music

Charly has kindly shared with us what our readers can expect to find in his Artist club in the nearest future:

“The fans can expect all my releases and new music. Actually now I am doing my second album and releasing single-by-single once a month. Fans can check all my videos, songs, and crowdfunding campaign for this new album. I will be giving news weekly on my Artist club.”

Listen to Charly’s music: