For Show4me team, Day 2 of Midem world’s leading music event in Cannes was jammed with impactful meetings with great people. We’ve had a chance to talk to so many music industry experts and discuss existing challenges the music industry is facing, its impact on overall music activities and most importantly - how Show4me can help to handle them.

See below a full video summary of Midem Day 2 to get more details and highlights.

It was a great pleasure to hear from music professionals that Show4me’s features and tools united on a single network have the potential to become the new superpower and bring a meaningful breakthrough to the music world. There’s no doubt that for those professionals, Show4me is the key to monetize their music activities in a new and smarter way.


Our $1 Premium fan membership model, introduced to Midem participants as an ultimate alternative to music streaming, has attracted the most attention. Our team shared with the music community how it empowers artists to get up to 300 times higher profit compared to music streaming and so many have identified it as the next-generation music business experience. Also, we had an interesting discussion on the crowdfunding-based model that Show4me is built on and how it gives the opportunity to put on more shows and release music albums completely risk-free. Who wouldn't like that?

We are so thrilled that Show4me music family is growing day after day. After introducing the upgraded version of Show4me at Midem, some of the greatest bands and truly gifted artists have joined our Show4me Music Interaction Network. Great to have these guys in the growing Show4me's music community! We welcome you - F.R.O.S.T., Emergency Tiara and Theolodge!


With all these positive reviews, it looks like it couldn’t get any better. But it can! Artists and music pros got so excited about our direct-to-fan interaction model because they truly believe it will help them to constantly engage their fans and turn them into superfans. What’s more, they are all in one place now - in the Artist Club. 


Our founder and CEO of Show4me Music Interaction Network, Karen Chiftalaryan has shared his positive emotions and a thrill from Cannes, France, which you can watch in a video here.